You will need
  • - the certificate for maternity capital received not less than three years ago;
  • - reliable real estate company.
Determine the purpose of the appeal to realtors. If you need to do to improve living conditions and to purchase a property, or the goal you have only one to cash maternity capital. This will depend on all your future actions. If you need to buy a house, then you act in the usual way of buying property.
Find checked realtors, you can contact a serious company. To do this, ask your friends – maybe they know any good specialists in the field of real estate. Is also recommended your own research on the Internet. Be vigilant and beware of random sentences to acquire housing and to cash maternity capital.
You will probably be offered one of the following options: to issue the transaction of purchase and sale of property with the nearest relative, the acquisition of shares of real estate or construction in progress, but at least you'll have to pour the Foundation on the site.
The easiest and most common way is the so-called purchase of housing with a relative, a friend or a person you can trust. You agree to purchase, for example house for 20 thousand, and the transaction processed on 387 640 roubles. Such a procedure is legal, and the agreement cannot be invalidated.
If it is not possible to buy a home this way, but there is a plot, it is possible to pour the Foundation for it and make it as construction in progress. Another option: if you have several friends with the certificates of the parent capital, you can purchase a joint housing. After some time sell it and split the money.