You will need
  • - CCProxy;
  • - Permeo Security Driver.
To get started, create a private proxy server. This will allow other users to connect to your computer. Install CCproxy. Run it and point HTTP and Socks. The first parameter is not mandatory, but it will allow you to connect from the outside to the various sites in the local area.
Select the Network tab. Check the box next to "Support Socks", and uncheck the option "Disable external users". Be sure to check whether to disable the last function. Click "Advanced". Locate the "Local IP address" and enter the value of your external IP address.
If you specify the internal IP address to connect to you will only be local users. This is typically done to connect to the Internet through the internal proxy server. You need to get the opposite effect. Remember that external IP address may change periodically. Check its value after each restart of the computer.
Install to the client computer program Permeo Security Driver. She'll need to route data through the Socks proxy Protocol server. Run this utility. Specify as the primary address connection the IP address you entered in the field "Local IP address" of the program CCproxy. Make sure that both programs have the same port numbers.
On a networked computer, open the list of active connections. Just right click the icon local network and select the Access tab. Allow access to this network for all users connecting from the outside. Set the "Local network" connection to the Internet.