You will need
  • - boxes of seedlings;
  • - the ground;
  • - celery seeds;
  • - spray bottle.
Buy seeds at the gardening store. Celery is leaf, petiolar and root. Sheet can not sow in advance, as the greens time to grow and in a short period of time of around 3 months. And other types of plants are best grown at home in boxes or peat pots and then planted in the open ground.
Fill the box is light, but fertile land about a third of the total. Liberally pour water. Let the capacity of a little stand that in the presence of weeds they sprouted first, and you were able to snatch them. Even a small weed can cause no germination of seeds, as celery the first time is very weak.
Wrap seeds in cheesecloth and dampen with water – this will reduce the germination period. As a fairly small seeds, sow them wet is very difficult. A few days later put them on a dry cloth and wait until the moisture evaporates. It will take not more than an hour.
Make shallow furrows and moisten the earth again. Gently sow the seeds, so the distance between them was about 1-2 cm do Not fill the earth. Orosite landing from a spray bottle until then, until the green shoots. Try not to fill the soil, otherwise the seeds will go deep and will not germinate. Work on planting spices spend in early February. Later possible, but not desirable, because it is impossible to predict in advance which month will start the first frost.
Place the container with planted celery at the window. Arasites landing daily to the earth does not dry up. Approximately 10-15 days appear shoots. During this period they are very weak, but gradually begin to gain momentum. Gently sprinkle the roots with a thin layer of the earth.
Replant the celery in the open ground as soon as will decrease the threat of frost. Further care is regular watering, loosening the soil and removing weeds. Harvest spend the end of September or early October.