To deal with computer viruses is difficult, it is much easier to prevent their occurrence. Be sure to install on your computer antivirus program. Now on the Internet you can find and download antiviruses free or paid subscription. Regularly check hard drive for viruses. As a rule, antivirus software has automatic checks that you can adjust to your liking. Don't visit suspicious website and do not download files from unfamiliar resources.If you caught the virus, to get rid of it in several ways. Antivirus scan all hard drives on your computer. Upon completion the program will display a scan result with the detected virus and will offer three solutions to the problem: to cure, to quarantine and delete. Choose "delete" is guaranteed to rid you of the virus. If your computer is missing antivirus software, download online healing utility such as CureIt or COMODO Cleaning Essentials. Install them and delete the detected viruses.If virus does not allow you to access the Internet, blocking the browser, try uninstalling it in the following way. Go to the Windows folder and then system32 folder.Select the drivers folder and log in etc. In Notepad, open the hosts file. Delete everything after the line.localhost and save the file. Now restart the computer. In any case, install an antivirus and scan the hard drives.With banners that cover a large part of the desktop and require to send cash for free, you can fight it by restarting the computer in safe mode. After a safe reboot, enable the antivirus or the attending utility and remove the virus.If a virus has completely locked your computer, start the operating system from another drive. Use run from the live CD, check the system for viruses and destroy them. You can also connect extra hard drive with the OS installed. Run operating system from it, and check all hard drives, antivirus programs.