Advice 1: How to glue Swarovski crystals

Lately it has become very popular to decorate clothes, shoes and accessories with Swarovski crystals. To do your favorite things unique and stylish with sparkling crystals, it is enough to choose the right under the material and memorize the sequence of actions when fixing rhinestones.
How to glue Swarovski crystals
You will need
  • - rhinestones
  • - epoxy glue
  • - toothpicks
  • - alcohol
  • - Mel
  • soldering
  • - iron
For cell phone decorations, USB flash drives, clutch, key ring and other hard objects, use crystals cold fixation. They have a flat bottom, and the color of the stone determines amalgam. For reliable and high-quality gluing, use an epoxy two-component glue, which can be purchased at any hardware or automotive store.
Degrease the surface that you are going to decorate, wiping it with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Prepare glue. In equal proportions to squeeze out of the syringes into the prepared dishes of both and mix thoroughly. Do not use all the glue immediately, but just such a quantity, which is enough for 10 to 15 crystals.
Points apply glue to each of the 10 – 15 decorative elements. Using toothpicks and cotton swabs, move, and attach them to the paste surface, having conceived pattern.
Focus on work and not be distracted, because the glue dries very quickly. Only during work you can have time to fix the picture or delete using the same toothpicks excess glue.
When the first dozen rhinestones will be fixed, again, dilute a small portion of glue and glue another group of crystals.
For decoration of textiles use hot glue rhinestones. Their bottom is caused by the composition, which adheres the surface, melting when heated. Attach rhinestones to fabric and for some time that iron place iron on the reverse side.
If the crystals must be glued or loose pattern, use of special or ordinary household soldering iron of 40 watts. Take the paper printed a picture, circle it fine. Attach the sheet to the product that you are going to decorate down with chalk.
Gently swiping across each line only once, trace the pattern with a pen or pencil. Remove paper. On textiles will remain the translated by the chalk drawing. Gently remove the excess chalk moistened cotton swab or eraser.
Lay out a pattern of rhinestones. If it is your first job, use the same size for the large crystals.
Within 7 – 10 seconds, hold the heated soldering iron on the back side of each element. After heating, place each crystal on to the textile surface, observing him put the place in the picture.
After fixing all the rhinestones on the wrong side of the product at the location of the picture put the iron, heated to medium temperature. Leave for 20 seconds. Remove the iron and check if all crystals are firmly glued.

Advice 2 : How to sew on rhinestone

Rhinestones are glass or plastic imitation gems. Recently, the clothes, decorated them, came into fashion, moreover, the crystals used in the finishing of the concert and festive costumes. Not necessarily looking for things with rhinestones stores to refresh with them any garment you can own.
How to sew on rhinestone
The rhinestones are glue, and sew. The adhesive is transferred to the fabric using glue, iron (termostati), special applicator. There are self-adhesive rhinestones coated with adhesive and protective strip.
Before you decorate the thing with rhinestones, wash cloth pattern. This can be done by drawing with a pencil or a special chalk or with the aid of tracing paper. Tracing paper coated with a pattern superimposed on the cloth, the contour tracing is carried out toothed wheel, while there remain openings. The drawing on the tracing paper colored tailor's chalk, tracing paper is removed from the fabric – on the product, you can see the dotted pattern, which will be sewn or glued rhinestones.
Be sure to calculate what kind of rhinestones you will need for drawing and buy them with a margin of at least 20 %. The number will depend not only on the size of the figure, but the density of the sewing, to the size of rhinestone.
Flatback rhinestones come in two types. First have two holes, which are sewn to the fabric. In each hole twice threaded needle and thread, thread clip on the inside of the product and not cutting off, move on to the next sewing rhinestone. Thus, a single thread is sewn rhinestones 6-12.
Flatback crystals of the second type are mounted on the metal base. The fabric in this case is sewn very Foundation.
The main advantage flatback rhinestones – if you made a mistake in the figure, incorrectly sewn crystals it is always possible to unpick and resew in place, without damaging the fabric.
Disadvantages flatback rhinestones, in that, first, over time the faces of the crystals and the holes for sewing can fray the thread, and the crystals will disappear. Secondly, rhinestones on a metal base often fall out of the rim, and there remains only the Foundation with the scratchy fabric paws. Therefore, if you decide to decorate your costume with crystals, it is not necessary for them to save. Cheap glue crystals when interacting lose color, fade, fall out of the sewing basics.
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