You will need
  • 1. The statement in duplicate (for children up to 14 years in 1 instance)
  • 2. ID .
  • 3. Birth certificate.
  • 4 marriage certificate or other document confirming change of name
  • 5. a document confirming knowledge of the Russian language.
  • 6. reference from place of work.
  • 7. The passport of the parent living in the R. f with the mark of registration in the R. F.
  • 8. Certificate from the Ministry of interior
  • 9. 3 photos 3x4.
In a simplified order of citizenship of the Russian Federation can to a person under 18 years of age when: 1. Parents or a single parent, having a different citizenship, acquires citizenship of the Russian Federation; 2. If one parent is a person without citizenship, the second citizenshipm RF (at the request of the parent); 3. Upon acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation of one of parents (with different nationality), at the request of both parents; 4. If both parents have different citizenship, one acquires the citizenship of the Russian Federation(on the application of both parents);
Persons under 14 years of age who have received Russian citizenship, rise to the Consulate and get a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation In this regard, at the same time applying for a passport, pictures of children 3.5 x 4.5 black and white matte, semi-oval - 4 , registration card, parent photo 3.5 x 4.5 black and white matte, semi-oval.
In a simplified order of citizenship of the Russian Federation can be granted to persons over the age of 18 if:1. There is at least one parent living in Russia and having Russian citizenship;2. Were citizens of the Union residing in countries that were part of the Union but citizenship in these countries obtained; 3. Were citizens of States that were in the Soviet Union, was educated in Russia after 01.07.2002;
Before going to the Consulate or Embassy, make copies of all documents. Translated into Russian language and assure at the notary. Improperly executed documents will not be considered.
The statement is made in two copies ( for children up to 14 years in one). The form is filled in legibly, preferably on a computer. Once filed, you must wait up to 6 months to decide on your question.
Rejecting applications if the applicants:1. Threaten the security of Russia;2. If the applicants were expelled from the country within 5 years before applying;3. Reported false information;4. Serve in the army or in the state security bodies or law enforcement; 5. Have outstanding criminal record;6. Prohibited by law;7. Serving the punishment;