Advice 1: How to obtain Russian citizenship in Moldova

Sometimes you have to make a decision on the citizenship of another country, to live and work in its territory. In accordance with the provisions of the act of 31 may 2002 "On citizenship of the Russian Federation" , the Russian Embassy in Moldova takes decisions on the adoption of Russian citizenship in a simplified mode.
How to obtain Russian citizenship in Moldova
You will need
  • 1. The statement in duplicate (for children up to 14 years in 1 instance)
  • 2. ID .
  • 3. Birth certificate.
  • 4 marriage certificate or other document confirming change of name
  • 5. a document confirming knowledge of the Russian language.
  • 6. reference from place of work.
  • 7. The passport of the parent living in the R. f with the mark of registration in the R. F.
  • 8. Certificate from the Ministry of interior
  • 9. 3 photos 3x4.
In a simplified order of citizenship of the Russian Federation can to a person under 18 years of age when: 1. Parents or a single parent, having a different citizenship, acquires citizenship of the Russian Federation; 2. If one parent is a person without citizenship, the second citizenshipm RF (at the request of the parent); 3. Upon acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation of one of parents (with different nationality), at the request of both parents; 4. If both parents have different citizenship, one acquires the citizenship of the Russian Federation(on the application of both parents);
Persons under 14 years of age who have received Russian citizenship, rise to the Consulate and get a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation In this regard, at the same time applying for a passport, pictures of children 3.5 x 4.5 black and white matte, semi-oval - 4 , registration card, parent photo 3.5 x 4.5 black and white matte, semi-oval.
In a simplified order of citizenship of the Russian Federation can be granted to persons over the age of 18 if:1. There is at least one parent living in Russia and having Russian citizenship;2. Were citizens of the Union residing in countries that were part of the Union but citizenship in these countries obtained; 3. Were citizens of States that were in the Soviet Union, was educated in Russia after 01.07.2002;
Before going to the Consulate or Embassy, make copies of all documents. Translated into Russian language and assure at the notary. Improperly executed documents will not be considered.
The statement is made in two copies ( for children up to 14 years in one). The form is filled in legibly, preferably on a computer. Once filed, you must wait up to 6 months to decide on your question.
Rejecting applications if the applicants:1. Threaten the security of Russia;2. If the applicants were expelled from the country within 5 years before applying;3. Reported false information;4. Serve in the army or in the state security bodies or law enforcement; 5. Have outstanding criminal record;6. Prohibited by law;7. Serving the punishment;
Useful advice
Embassy address: Moldova, Chisinau, Sciusev,., 85/1

Advice 2: How to get citizenship of Moldova

Statistics of migration between Moldova and Russia are contradictory, but one still converges much more popular route in the direction of Russia. This article is useful to those who, for whatever reason, do not leave Moldova, but on the contrary, wants to become a full citizen.
How to get citizenship of Moldova
Under the law, there are several reasons to become a citizen of Moldova: by birth, by adoption, recognition, recovery, or naturalization. The first four options assume that the person somehow connected with the Moldovan government, or citizenship to the minimum extent depends on his own desire, as in the case of adoption and birth. Therefore, for the majority of people who have decided to obtain Moldovan citizenship, it remains the last option – naturalization.
Naturalization requires several conditions. One of them is the fact that the applicant for Moldovan citizenship must have resided in the Republic for some time. This term depends on legitimacy of residence in the country, the availability of refugee status or of persons without citizenship, and also marriage with a Moldovan citizen. Among other conditions, the knowledge of the Constitution sufficient knowledge of the state language and the availability of legal sources of existence.
The level of proficiency in the Moldovan language is determined by the following criteria:
- understanding of official and domestic nature;
- ability to participate in the conversation and respond to everyday issues;
- free reading and understanding any text of a social nature, laws and other normative acts;
- the ability to write a summary of domestic subjects.
One of the conditions of naturalization is the loss or renunciation of citizenship of another country, except when it is impossible or such action is not reasonably require.

Advice 3: How to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation in Georgia

To obtain Russian citizenship to a foreigner is required to legally reside on the territory of Russia for at least five years (with some exceptions). However, if the citizen of Georgia of at least one of the parents has Russian citizenship, to issue citizenship of the Russian Federation and being on the territory of Georgia.
How to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation in Georgia
Submit to the Ministry of Justice of Georgia statement renouncing Georgian citizenship. Thus it is necessary to take a certificate stating that you have begun the procedure of renunciation of citizenship. Make 3 photos of size 3x4 cm. On the job, take the income statement. If you have not received education in the USSR (up to 01.09.91) or in Russia (after 01.09.91), then hand over the test for knowledge of the Russian language in Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University. Don't forget to get the certificate of passing the test. (Or, if received, to confirm knowledge of Russian language you will only have to show the Consulate received a diploma.)
Ask your parent is a citizen of the Russian Federation that he will send you your Russian passport or passport copy. (Copy must be certified by the territorial body of the FMS of the Russian Federation).
Come personally to the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Georgia. With them you should be in addition to the documents listed above: identification card indicating the place of your residence and a birth certificate. If the documents are not in Russian language, pre-translate. Translation of documents certified by the notary. Also, the transfer shall be subject to all the existing securities of the seals and stamps.
Write an application for Russian citizenship on the prescribed form. Attach all the above documents, pay the fee ($45 in 2011) and wait about 6 months before the Consulate will consider your application.
If the Consulate for some reason refused to accept your documents for citizenship, get a Russian visa. After legally crossing the Russian-Georgian border, you will be able to apply for citizenship on the territory of the Russian Federation. To hand over documents to the FMS of the Russian Federation must within 7 days after arrival in Russia.
Useful advice
Seek the advice of a qualified lawyer as to the legislation regularly changes, additions and amendments. Especially often change the procedural rules of submission necessary for citizenship documents.

Advice 4: How to obtain Russian citizenship to citizens of Moldova

People tend to look for a better life, including in other countries. So it is likely that the citizen of Moldova of the conditions of life and work in Russia, for example, will seem suddenly more attractive than in their own country. And then the following questions arise: how and where to obtain Russian citizenship?
How to obtain Russian citizenship to citizens of Moldova
You will need
  • - birth certificate
  • - passport or identity card
  • - passport (if any)
  • the grounds for stay in the country
  • - migration notice with a mark about statement on the migratory account
  • - migration card received at the border
  • - marriage certificate or divorce (if any)
  • - birth certificate of children (if any)
  • - certificate of ownership of the apartment, private house (if any)
  • - diplomas (if any)
  • - other documents certifying the civil status acts related to the issue of legalization, naturalization and residence in Russia
  • - medical certificate about state of health
Ask for personal advice on issues of citizenship of the Russian Federation in the consular service of Russia in Moldova or in a regional office of the Federal migration service of Russia at the place of his residence, to learn the specific procedures and timing of receipt by you and members of your family Russian citizenship. Since the acquisition of the Russian citizenship by a Moldovan citizen as possible on a common basis (will have to first obtain a residence permit and stay in the Russian Federation not less than 5 years) and in a simplified manner. For example, if you enter into marriage with the citizen of the Russian Federation, you are required to live in Russia for only 3 years, and in some cases to first obtain a residence permit and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation is generally not required.
Will receive from the officials of the consular service, or FMS, a specific list of necessary documents. Remember where and how to obtain and complete. And take a receipt on payment of the registration fee (2000 RUB), and two of the application for citizenship of Russia. Gather all the necessary documents according to the list, and bring them and your completed application for citizenship in FMS or in the consular service. Or apply for a residence permit in the Russian Federation to submit required to obtain Russian citizenship documents after 5 years of continuous stay in Russia (if the legislation of the Russian Federation during this time will not undergo any significant changes).
Wait until officials of the Federal migration service or the consular service will check you have provided the documents for the presence and authenticity. If all documents are collected and submitted correctly, your application will be accepted and registered, you will receive on hands the certificate on acceptance of documents, which will indicate the registration number, the date of acceptance of the application, name of officials and contact details.
Wait until you submitted the documents and pass all the necessary checks first territorial bodies of the FMS of Russia, and then in the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation. In case of detecting any violations in the design of the materials, documents will be returned for correction or citizenship will be denied.
Will receive notification of the publication of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on granting of citizenship. The notice must be received not later than one month from the date of publication of this decree. On the basis of this notice will receive a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
Obtaining Russian citizenship is possible only under condition of refusal of the existing citizenship of Moldova.
Useful advice
To obtain the necessary clarifications in the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Moldova: Chisinau, Boulevard Stefan cel Mare., 153 (entrance from the street, Toma Ciorba) and on the website of the Russian Embassy in Moldova

Advice 5: How to get a passport and Russian citizenship

The main document certifying the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation, is a passport. Wherever you go, whatever organization may have addressed, everywhere are required to present a passport to confirm your identity. Therefore, the question of obtaining this main document is the most important in the life of a citizen of the state.
How to get a passport and Russian citizenship
Provide the FMS birth certificate, proof of citizenship of the Russian Federation, registration certificate (for males), the document confirming registration at place of residence, two photographs of size 35x45, the receipt confirming payment of state duty in the amount of 200 rubles and a statement in the prescribed form proposed in the Department of the Federal migration service.
Upon reaching age 20 years instead of the birth certificate you will require a valid passport. Instead, after 10 days you will receive a new one.
If the passport is lost or inoperable, you must write a statement indicating the circumstances that led to such consequences. In this case, the fee will increase.
If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, to obtain a passportand you need to issue a document confirming the citizenship. You must submit an application, attaching the required documents: the document proving the identity and confirming citizenship of another country or the lack thereof; the document confirming place of residence; 3 3x4 photos; receipt of payment of the state duty or consular fee. Don't forget about the confirmation of grounds for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation.
If you are a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship, you also need to present a residence permit and documents proving the existence of means of subsistence, language proficiency, or (if necessary) the passport of the disabled parent who has citizenship of the Russian Federation.
Useful advice
The need to obtain a passport arises in several cases: upon reaching citizen age at 14 years; at age 20 and 45 years; loss of passport (bring into a condition unsuitable for presentation), change of surname, name or any other personal data indicated in the passport. To obtain a passport you need to collect documents and apply to the Federal migration service at the place of residence.

Advice 6: How to obtain German citizenship without giving up Russian

To obtain citizenship in Germany today is not so easy. It is not enough to live on its territory 8 years, speak German, have a steady income and not to be judged, still need to be tested for knowledge of culture, history and the policy system.
How to obtain German citizenship without giving up Russian


For starters wishing to become legally German citizens should submit a special statement for this will need to take the form on the website of the immigration office or at the Prefecture. Fill in the application have each family member, including children (minors signing legal representatives). After filing, you will need to pay a fee, which will differ at a cost: for children less and adults more. It should be noted that the fee may be reduced in the case if the family has many children or the poor applicant.

The application form is quite extensive and contains a lot of personal questions. So, you have to tell what political and religious beliefs you adhere to, what are your Hobbies, what amount of money you wish to earn, to explain why Germany you chose their place of residence and why you do not live by at residence.
After submission of the application, which was, perhaps, the very easy step, need to be considered, and this will need to meet certain conditions.


So, who want to live in Germany must have a visa, preferably unlimited. Otherwise, you will need the Consulate to pre-specify the additional conditions for registration of citizenship, with reference to your visa type.

Continuous residence in Germany for 8 years, as mentioned above, as necessary. The next condition is that the applicant has had steady income and did not receive unemployment benefits. In this case there is no need to work with the whole family. So, the husband can receive the income, and the wife sitting at home, doing chores or children, and they will both be able to obtain citizenship. This is called a combined consideration of the application.

Will have to go through and charming a test of language proficiency of the host country. After the need to renounce citizenship of the country of Exodus, and in the case that you arrived to Germany not from the native state, you need to provide proof of citizenship or residence permit in the country where you entered.

To abandon the existing Russian citizenship is not necessary to those who enter the country for family reunification or restores historical roots. In addition to the simplified order of obtaining citizenship for such categories will be provided and measures of social support.

Examination of documents

When considering the package of documents employees of the migration office of Germany is determined not only by their authenticity and actual compliance, but and render a verdict whether the country needs a new citizen with the education, profession, habits, lifestyle and goals.
The process of obtaining citizenship in Germany is about one year.

In case of positive consideration of the application shall be issued a special paper, which guarantees citizenship. Certified package of documents and guarantee you need to contact the Consulate and wait for the preparation of admission to citizenship.

Advice 7: How to call to Moldova

The Moldova features a wide ethno-cultural composition, of course, the bulk of the Moldavians, and other nationalities such as Ukrainians, Russians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Gagauz. It is obvious that with such ethnic diversity, but also actively support international labor migration calls into the country from other countries often.
How to call to Moldova
If you are going to make a phone call to Moldova, you should know the simple rules set and a telephone information relating to codes. International telephone code assigned to the state of Moldova, is a combination of three digits 373. Pre-check temporary time zones to Wake up was carried out in the correct time to talk. Decide which device you call with either a mobile phone or from a landline phone.
If you are calling from a landline phone, use the international access code or 8-10 8 and another number, which depends on the operator. After the number 8 be sure to listen to, whether a monotonous tone, and then dial the number 10. Remember that the interval set should not exceed 5 seconds. Then type the code of 373 Moldova, after which you need the area code and the subscriber's phone.
In most countries the access code for international calls are a combination of the two zeros. That is, first 0 is typed in, then wait for the beep, then again 0, country code, city code, subscriber's number. Check all the information about international telephone access codes from operators.
If you are calling from a mobile phone, you first need to dial the plus sign, then country code and cell phone number. It should be noted that the tone to expect after the plus sign is not necessary, immediately dial the country code. The number of cellular subscribers must indicate no 8 in the beginning.
In a special telephone directory, you will be able to discover information concerning telephone codes of cities of Moldova. Such a directory you can easily find on the Internet from the comfort of home.
International standard telephone number normally consists of 13 digits or 12 digits and a plus sign. Keep this in mind when you dial a phone, be careful, one wrong number or too slow set, can immediately terminate all communication. Write down on a piece of paper the right combination of numbers and don't expect a monotonous tone for too long, as soon as I heard the dial tone, dial all the above proposed scheme.

Advice 8: Us citizenship: is it difficult to get it Russian

Become a US citizen for some people is a cherished dream. The Western lifestyle is so attractive for its freedom and uniqueness that many Russians are interested in the question of obtaining a us passport. This procedure is not very complex, but not simple. Have to spend a certain amount of time in America, learn the language, history, and more.
Us citizenship: is it difficult to get it Russian

Who is a U.S. citizen?

A U.S. citizen is anyone born on U.S. soil, as well as owned land. Under the law, any child, even those whose parents were in the US illegally, automatically gets the status of a citizen. Even if only one parent is American, and the child was born outside of this state, it can still be recognized as a citizen.

How to get American citizenship?

Russian to become a citizen of the United States is no harder than any other foreigner. There was an established system of purchasing American passports.

First we need to get a green Card without her none of what the procedure of getting a us passport is not out of the question. Green Card is the residence permit in the United States.

You can get it, if you marry a citizen of the States or if to marry an American. Another way is to win the coveted green Card, the benefit is held each year a special lottery. There are options for business immigration or work visa.

If a person is living in the States for at least five years, he has the right to apply for citizenship. This applies to those who have not found their American half. For foreign wives and husbands of American citizens, the period of compulsory residence is reduced to three years. However, all these three years the couple must live together. If they get divorced or widowed, the foreigner, the number of years increased again to five.

The process of obtaining citizenship is called naturalization. It includes 3 mandatory stages: application, interview, ceremony of oath of allegiance to America. Typically, the procedure takes at least a year.

First you need to apply. Then it will take some time before you receive an invitation for an interview. Usually the wait is several months. For an interview you must bring all documents that prove that the applicant is law-abiding and conscientious taxpayer.

The interview is conducted to establish the language level of the applicant, his knowledge of US history, government, major cultural events. There is a test that need to be properly addressed. If the candidate fails this exam, he will have the opportunity to apply again.

Those who answer most of the questions correctly, you will need to prepare for the solemn moment of taking the oath of allegiance to the United States. After this procedure, one finally obtains the "Certificate of naturalization", which issued American passport.
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