You will need
  • computer;
  • - the program Keeper Classic;
  • - the Internet.
How to pay for onlineorders, especially when there were no terminals? There are various online resources through which you can pay for any purchase to receive money for work done or to pay the fee for the order. We are talking about resources such as Yandex-money,, WebMoney and others. They all tend to have a license to provide such type of services, so you can safely pay for various goods online.
Let us dwell on one of them, the most popular online WebMoney. To perform various operations on payment of orders, you need to install on your computer software for WebMoney. To do this, go to the website and download the program WebMoney Keeper. The system will offer you three different programs. You need to choose the most appropriate for you, such as WebMoney Keeper Classic. It is installed on a personal computer. While installing agree to all terms and conditions of the program.
Then, following the prompts you create yourself an e-wallet in the currency you prefer. It can be wallet (WMR), dollar (WMZ) or any other. After going through the registration procedure to the end, you will get the opportunity to use electronic money.
To make purchases or receive money via WebMoney, you need to get a certificate. Go to your e-wallet and in the window that opens on the page "My WebMoney" select Certificate". Then go to the "Service certification". To start you need to draw up a formal certificate, following system prompts. Its design free. If you see the need, for a fee, you can increase your Ged before starting, custom, personal, etc.