Advice 1: How to pay for online orders

The Internet today provides an opportunity not only to communicate with family and friends, find information but also to shop, to work without interruption from the main place of work or open a business. Not to mention the fact that through the Internet you can download movies, music, games, books etc But all these requires payment.
How to pay for online orders
You will need
  • computer;
  • - the program Keeper Classic;
  • - the Internet.
How to pay for onlineorders, especially when there were no terminals? There are various online resources through which you can pay for any purchase to receive money for work done or to pay the fee for the order. We are talking about resources such as Yandex-money,, WebMoney and others. They all tend to have a license to provide such type of services, so you can safely pay for various goods online.
Let us dwell on one of them, the most popular online WebMoney. To perform various operations on payment of orders, you need to install on your computer software for WebMoney. To do this, go to the website and download the program WebMoney Keeper. The system will offer you three different programs. You need to choose the most appropriate for you, such as WebMoney Keeper Classic. It is installed on a personal computer. While installing agree to all terms and conditions of the program.
Then, following the prompts you create yourself an e-wallet in the currency you prefer. It can be wallet (WMR), dollar (WMZ) or any other. After going through the registration procedure to the end, you will get the opportunity to use electronic money.
To make purchases or receive money via WebMoney, you need to get a certificate. Go to your e-wallet and in the window that opens on the page "My WebMoney" select Certificate". Then go to the "Service certification". To start you need to draw up a formal certificate, following system prompts. Its design free. If you see the need, for a fee, you can increase your Ged before starting, custom, personal, etc.

Advice 2 : How to pay with Visa card via the Internet

Online shops in the Internet provide a large number of goods. You can pay for purchases using electronic money, such as webmoney or use accounts that are paid by Visa or MasterCard.
How to pay with Visa card via the Internet
To pay for a product in the Internet with a Visa card, you need to order it. Go to the website and check the products you would like to buy. It is often required to have a special account to record all purchases in the system. Once the account is ready, and the item, put it in the Trash. To do this, there is a corresponding item in the menu.
Fill in the details on his map. You will also need to specify the amount of goods and their actual data. For notification type mailbox. Now you need to go through the online system at the expense of their card. All data for this is available in the Bank, which was filed the map or its affiliates. In the city, this problem does not arise. Be sure to use anti-virus software when logging on to the Bank.
It is also worth noting that the save passwords in the browser is quite dangerous, as there are special viruses that steal data from system files. Keep everything on a piece of paper somewhere in the house. Once the authentication data will be produced, you need to pay for the invoice that you will receive. In some systems, the link comes to the email address. In this case, you will need to click on the link below to pay for the goods.
If you need to pay to make any transaction on the Internet service provider or mobile communications, this can be done directly from the control panel of their accounts. Log on the official website of the Bank card. Next, select from the list of payment system you need. Enter the amount and account to pay. If you have a confirmation on the phone, you will need to enter the code will come on mobile device.

Advice 3 : How to pay online bonuses

With the help of bonus programs that the company's cellular activity to encourage their customers not only get discounts on mobile services, but also to pay for the Internet connection.
How to pay online bonuses
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Bank card;
  • phone;
  • - a representative office of a mobile company.
If you are a subscriber of a cellular network "Beeline", to pay online bonuses, you will need a credit card registered in the rewards program. To register your card, log on the official website of the operator in a special section ( or You can also call on toll free number 0533 or use the ATM machine of "VTB-24", "Alfa-Bank" or "Russian standard". Treatment in the salon "Euroset" or the office of "Beeline" will also help in this matter (bring your passport and Bank card).
Replenish your account on your phone using a credit card. To do this, use the Internet payments, visit: Or make "reference" cards to the phone number and replenish personal account via USSD-command *100#.
You will receive a bonus of 10% of the total amount of payments made with Bank cards in the event that if the listed for the month funds will exceed the costs. At the beginning of each month the bonus will priplyasyvaniya to your balance.
Become a member of the bonus program, typing from your phone: *110*911#. By registering, you will be able to use the accumulated bonuses as a payment for most services provider "Beeline".
Manage the bonus in the personal Cabinet of the website "Beeline". You will receive a login and password to enter the system, choose the section "the offer" and follow the link "Payment for Internet services."
If you are a subscriber of MTS, to participate in the bonus program, go to your personal account on the operator's official website and follow the instructions of the program.
By registering in the "Bonus MTS", click on the links on the "rewards Catalog" and then "Internet" and select the options you want encouragement.
The opportunity to receive discounts while using the Internet connection is and at subscribers "the Megaphone". Bonus points the customers of this company are accumulated automatically. Every 30 rubles, which you will spend on communication services, we give you 1 point.
To check bonus account, send a message containing the digit 0 to the number 5010. To get 10 Mb mobile internet traffic, you need 15 bonus points. Send an sms with the text: "522" (without the quotes) to the number: *115*522#.
To get 50 Mb need 30 points, and sms: "250" to the number: *115*250#. To get 100 Mb of mobile internet traffic, you will need 50 points and a sms message with the text "200" with the number *115*200#. With more information about bonus program "MegaFon" can be found on the official website of the company.
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