You will need
  • - related products;
  • transport for door delivery buyers;
  • - discount cards.
Before you enter the market, examine consumer demand for certain types of goods sold. Find out what doors are in higher demand (wooden or metal), what brand take well and which are not. Find out the most popular samples in each species category: leaders of sales among iron and among hardwood doors, among exterior, interior, etc.
Calculate the profitability of your business. That is whether your costs are paid back, what the prices should be set in the commodity to trade was not only profitable, but also competitive.
When the "promotion" of business do not spare money on advertising, tell the buyer about yourself. Place ads in the media, doing promotions, making discounts, sales, etc.
Make the Grand opening of his store, report about it in a few days through the media. Decorate the entrance of multicolored balloons, promise the first 100 buyers of the gifts, organize a contest, for example, a competition for the best children's drawing "Our home is the most beautiful," etc.
Carefully select staff, pay attention to their training, enter a single uniform style. Consider the fact that a lot depends on the design of your store. Consider and develop an interesting sign of the original style of the interior.
In addition to the sale of doors, offer related products: locks, door handles, hinges, etc. Give shoppers the opportunity to pick up such accessories on some samples.
Add in the state staff of the store masters for the delivery and installation of doors. Arrange special discounts for their buyers. For example, you can put that announcement: "If you buy a door in our store, the cost of delivery and installation our specialists will be 30% lower than the average for the city."
Don't lose touch with their customers. Give them a discount or other types of cards that entitles to a discount in the case of repeated purchases, etc.