Try to eat as often as possible, but small portions, the food will be better absorbed. If you forget to regularly eat foods due to the fact that busy, set your alarm for a certain time.
Eat more meat products, because they are rich in protein. Bakery products can also help you set pounds. Possibly diversify the diet and fresh vegetables and fruits. To your body should consume more beneficial nutrients. But be careful that the baby had allergies. If you notice a rash, try to calculate the allergen and eliminate it from the diet.
Take vitamin complexes if you can't eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. And natural products the nutrients are absorbed in extremely small quantities. Consult your doctor which drug is best for you to purchase. For sale is a large number of vitamin supplements for nursing mothers, so choose on their own will be difficult.
Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Chronic lack of sleep weight dial will not work. Of course, it can be difficult, as young children are very often Wake up at night. If you have a restless baby, ask someone close to look after him for a few hours a day so you can at this time to rest.
If you are experiencing sleep disturbances — a frequent phenomenon after childbirth — take decoction of motherwort. This herb does not harm the health of the child, but just in case, check with a pediatrician as possible and idiosyncrasy.
Be patient, if the weight never increased. When you stop feeding by a breast, you will return to the previous form. But that's no reason to stop breastfeeding. If you are so much worried about this problem, visit a nutritionist. The specialist will develop a specific meal plan that will help solve the problem.