Please contact the administering organisation which serves your house, and leave a request. It's quite possible that the housing Department or private management company, and some homeAh — HOA. In any case, such an organization is in eachhouse houseE. to learn their phone number, view a receipt, which comes to a monthly payment for the apartment.
Once you leave the application, it will be placed on the waiting list, and when one of the electricians will be released, wait for him to visit. Keep in mind, this can only happen in a few days, and you will have to wait for them for hours.
Please note, all services associated with electricity, usually paid, and prices in Hoo are sometimes even higher than average. In addition, employees of these organizations usually are not in a hurry and trifling work can stretch for the whole day.
Try to get your friends to accept the good electrician, the recommendation will guarantee the quality of his work. Unlike the worker of Zheka it is possible to agree on a work night, and he will be keen to do everything as quickly as possible. Find out at what price it works, it's possible, the wizard will offer you a discount for the amount of work.
Try to find a wizard on the advertisement in the newspaper or on the Internet. In this case you risk to find the unscrupulous and the unskilled worker, so try to pre-read feedback about his work.
If you need serious repair of electrical wiring, contact a firm that will offer a guarantee on their work. Leave a request and describe the estimated amount of work to get you an estimate. A significant advantage of this company that all work will be carried out in a short time, and in the event of an emergency electrician , you can call free of charge (if specified in the contract).