The woman should be well-groomed, so make sure your appearance. No matter what hairstyle you wear, your hair should always be clean, shiny and smelling nice. Neat manicure on the hands, smooth skin and elbows, flawless makeup and well-groomed feet – your body has to bring their sexuality and naturalness. If you decide to learn how to seduce, pay attention to the hands, chest, and legs, these body parts are attracted to men, so should look perfectly.
Illiterate speech and swear words coming from the lips of a beautiful woman can destroy a carefully created image. Learn to speak properly, use interesting and witty expressions that give his speech a mystery and languor.
The science of gestures you must be fluent in — motion women's hands, legs, head turns, "shooting" the eyes are the most basic Arsenal of basic techniques. Gait "from the hip" awakens in men the desire, the habit of hair with your hands allows you to admire the smooth curves of the body. Learn how beautiful it is to laugh — quiet, melodic and sincere laughter attracts and fascinates. If you are laughing, you will tilt your head backwards, it will provide an opportunity to assess the man's graceful neck.
The art of flirting gives a woman power over a man. The main reception – a meaningful look. Start with a relaxed smile and a wink. During a conversation with a man smile, sometimes wink if you want to show him its location. In the process of communication, try this technique: look at something behind the man, and then sharply turn the gaze directly into his eyes. Flirting is not only looks and touches. Touch male elbow, attracting his attention, sometimes as if accidentally touch hands, fix his hair, etc.
Always stay mysterious. Should not be revealed to man once,do it gradually, teasing and enticing with its inaccessibility.
At the last stage of seduction use the tactics of copying gestures. Repeat motion, takes over his facial expressions, but only if you're sure that your desires meet.