You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • phone;
  • - newspaper ads.
Take a course of self-study of the Romanian language. Use the special resource "Learn Romanian online"Румынский-язык. In the presented website you can find lessons for all levels of proficiency in this language.
Perform the tests as well as written and oral assignments on a daily basis. All of them together will help you to speak in Romanian. The pace and volume of learning the language you have chosen. Besides, the site is absolutely free and available to all.
Learn the language of using the resource "Project a WORLD in 2050: the Romanian language". This Internet site will allow you to learn the Romanian language in just over six months. Technology is to read lots of texts, listening and translation. All this will help in the short term to achieve tangible results. The website also provides all the necessary resources for the development of language skills.
Join a language group, which just started to learn this language. Look through the Internet or local Newspapers language programs that exist in your area. Currently, more and more courses opened in almost every city. It is important that the teacher was experienced and properly filed new material. Visit one class and decide whether you should use this method or not.
Find an experienced private tutor. This option offers great opportunities, despite its relative costliness. First, you will be able to learn the language as fast as you want it. Second, the teacher will decide individually exactly is your problem in the language.
Write an ad in the newspaper or online about what you are looking for a teacher of the Romanian language. Or you can also read about possible proposals in a network of teachers.
Practise the conversation in Romanian language as often as possible. As soon as you will know the basics of the language, start to communicate with native speakers via the Internet (through Skype) or in real life. Look for opportunities to improve their skills.