You will need
  • need welder – semiautomatic at 150A, the balloon with carbon dioxide, a welder mask and protective suit, clamps, angle grinder, clamps, copper wire, sealant, putty, paint, sandpaper, Hairdryer, fiberglass, mineral spirits, a metal brush.
By incorporation of light elements of the body, holes in bottom of doors and edges of the windshield is first thoroughly clean with a wire brush all damaged areas. If there was previously used putty, then gently remove it with a knife. All carefully scuff. Then cut pieces of fiberglass. Degrease the surface with white spirit, dissolve the resin. Saturate the fiberglass and apply to the surface in two layers. Dry with a Hairdryer and leave to dry for 24 hours. Then carefully clean with fine sandpaper.
Then fry the fiberglass over the fire. It is better to use a gas stove. This will remove all the wax. Cut around the template is fiberglass. Apply it in two layers. First apply the smaller piece, and the top a little more. Do the same on the other side.
Carefully fill your repair, then Prime. Use seam sealer. After that, apply a primer from the spray, and on top apply the paint. When performing these works in the cold season, heat the spray dryer.
If there are small holes in the bottom, it should fully release and carefully considered. Perhaps the repair have a much larger area. Take a grinder and cut out all the rot and rust. Then this place make some welder – semiautomatic piece of new metal.
Minor holes in the wing, you need to cover. To do this properly they scratched, scuff and coat with rust Converter.
A small leak at the bottom of the windshield can be repaired without replacing the gasket. To do this, coat the joint between the elastic band and the body with silicone sealant. In place streaks, slightly pry out the seal and squeeze the glue. All the surplus immediately remove with a rag.