You will need
  • - med;
  • - sesame oil;
  • - olive oil;
  • liquid vitamin A.
The first manifestations of joint pain, limiting their movement, it is necessary to consult a doctor. If this phenomenon is associated with the development of osteoarthritis or any injury, you need medical help. The attending physician after a thorough examination will prescribe appropriate medications and ointments.
If pain and limited motion of the joint associated with trauma, then try to limit the load on the joint. With this purpose use bandages or elastic bandage. If you have problems with a knee, then try as much as possible to lean on the injured leg, unable even to lean on a stick while walking.
In addition, there are ways that will help you to remove pain and faster return mobility to the joints. A very useful remedy is honey, which contains all substances necessary for restoring joint tissues. Honey fill the glass half and warm it in a water bath. In the meantime, apply to the affected joint hot water bottle and hold it about 15 minutes to heat tissue. Now dip your fingers in honey and start to RUB it into the joint slow circular motions. The duration of this procedure — 20 minutes. Now put on the joint of gauze and wrap the leg with a blanket or a warm towel. After 2 hours can remove the bandage and wash the skin with warm water.
In order to restore mobility, be sure to make an appointment with the masseur. If you do not have this capability, you can massage the sore place of my own. It can use a special ointment. For its preparation mix 100 grams of olive oil, 10 grams of liquid vitamin A and 40 grams of sesame oil.
In the treatment will help and special medical gymnastics, which will help to restore mobility to the joint.
Remember that excess weight increases stress on the joints, so watch your diet regime and try to get rid of a few extra pounds.