Avoid sudden temperature changes – buds do not like extreme cold and extreme heat. The offseason is a time when we need to give the job of kidneys , special attention.
There are a number of products, especially useful for good performance of the kidneys. These include nuts and seeds that contain magnesium; carrots, sweet pepper, sea buckthorn, parsley and dill that contain vitamin A. Also improve the job of kidneys beets, cucumbers, cabbage, pumpkin, apples, prunes, buckwheat and oat cereals.
Eat more legumes – substances contained in them, prevents the formation of stones.
If a kidney problem has already made itself felt, eat more melons and watermelons that have a cleansing effect.
Improves working of the kidneys aromatherapy is the inhalation of the aroma of patchouli removes from the body excess liquid, and is easy to massage the area of the kidneys with the use of this oil reduces swelling and inflammation.
For normal functioning kidneys , you must drink about two liters of fluid a day. It can be herbal teas (rosehip, horsetail, bearberry, corn stigmas, birch buds, green tea or stewed fruit. The best drinks for your kidneys are the juice of cranberries or cranberry and birch SAP.
Avoid the worst enemies of the kidney is the salted and smoked products, as well as "junk" food and fast food. The chips, nuts, crackers and other fast-food bags is better to forget forever. Adversely on the work of the kidneys is affected by the use of canned foods, cheese, meat, chocolate and vinegar. Sweets and carbonated drinks have on the kidneys irritating. Mineral water in large quantities also applies to this list – great salt content makes its use dangerous for patients with kidney.
If you want to really make a "gift" to his kidneys as soon as possible, refrain from bad habits that can cause failure in their work. Coffee, alcohol and Smoking are not compatible with their normal activities. Some medicines, especially analgesics, also have a negative impact on the work of the authority.
A sedentary lifestyle is very harmful for kidney, so try to enter in my life as much movement. But don't overdo it – heavy exercise and lifting weights can hurt as much as their absence. The best sport for the normalization of renal activity is swimming.