Gerbera does not like excess or deficit of moisture. Watering should be moderate. Water the plant gently falling on the flower. Remember that this could ruin him.
The plant does not like stagnation in the soil – this can cause fungal diseases or so-called "powdery mildew". On this basis, water gerbera only in the pan pot. The excess fluid drain. Some growers pour water into the edge of the pot, in this case, carefully check the condition of the soil.
Before watering feel the soil - if you feel even slightly damp ground, irrigating water, the plant does not need. Conversely, if the dryness of the soil, watering is needed.
Gerbera likes moist air, so occasionally lubricate it. Do this by using a fine spray, but remember that getting water on the plant should not be allowed. In that case, if you see that the leaves have started to wither, pour it.
Do not water gerbera cold water – it will destroy it. Optimal water temperature is +20oC. Remember that water should be defended. The difference between the temperature of air and water should not be significant, otherwise it may cause deterioration in plant condition – yellowing leaves, wilting of the flower.
After transplantation of plants, increase watering and rest – reduce. In that case, if you see that the soil is "bloomed", that is due to excess moisture started to SELENATES, immediately transplant the plant, removing from the root system of the entire earth (with a brush).
Don't forget to feed the plant, the first feed should be liquid fertilizers, most of the gerbera needs nutrients during the growing season, i.e., active growth. During flowering, increase the introduction of potassium and the rest – nitrogen.