Be sure to choose planting material subject to zoning. For the North-Western, Western and Central regions of the European part of the country you want to buy only rakoustoychivyh varieties, such as "Vyatka", "Arina", "Warbah", "Bellarosa", "Rosalind", "Impala" etc. In the South, in the Volga region, where light soil with lack of moisture, it is better to grow varietiesresistant to drought and various viral diseases. Among them: "Spring", "Vineta", "Nevskiy", "good Luck."
Choose seed that is not grown South of Central Russia. Best in the Northern areas, for example, in the Arkhangelsk oblast or Komi Republic. Good seed potatoes are grown in the Leningrad and Murmansk regions. There, in the coastal Baltic sea site, summer is the cool weather. In the South due to high temperatures and numerous pests of potatoes is easily spread disease. Therefore, there is even the most elite varieties can degenerate in just one season. However, this factor is a big limiter of vectors — aphids, cicadas and the Colorado potato beetle.
Do not forget that palatability of potatoes is directly dependent on the starch content. The more starch, the better the vegetable. Increased compared with the other starch content of the early and mid-season have varieties of "Snow white", "Adretta", "nymph", "Svitanok Kiev".
When purchasing seed be sure to ask for a quality certificate. This will protect you from the fact that under the guise of "elite" you sell an ordinary potato. Should not be planted very small seeds — a good harvest will not work. In an extreme case, put in the hole 2-3 small potatoes.