For those who want to cook pilaf as an everyday dish, not swarnalatha over it, you have to remember that for him a good fit medium-grain varieties, with a strong transparent figureby the Incas. It is very important to the pilaf all of its components are not mixed in the cereal, so no fragrant Jasmine or Thai popular or Krasnodar will not work – these varieties of riceand are soft and fall apart quickly. But good basmati, especially if it is an export and imported from the UAE, Mexico or Spain.
Buying rice at the store, choose transparent packaging. They can see if any of the bean fragments, which fall apart faster and therefore spoil the taste of food, a lot of opaque white or yellow inside the grains. And those and others talking about the low quality of the product. The riceyou need with the same size of long, elongated seeds, each of which, like frosted glass.
If you have the opportunity before buying hold the rice in the hands, try to compress it into a handful. You need the rice does not crumble and break, not all, but only a few grains.
Those who are more serious about rice, go for the riceom the market. This is where you can buy the "right" grade – virgins-Zira, dastar is saryk and Lazarus.Lazarus or azure blue is the Khorezm starchy rice. It not increases when cooked as other varieties, but not mushy. This figure experts recommend to Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent and, of course, Khorezm pilaf.
Virgins-Zira is of different grades and quality. It is thick elongated, generally pale brick figureIncas with stripes of red or brown. But different varieties can be different colors from white, pearl grey or cream to deep brown. If you are not an expert, stick to all the same pink striped varieties. Real virgins-Zira heavier than other varieties and if you squeeze it in handfuls, hard seeds make a crunch. On the market rice sell ricenovel "powder". Be sure to wipe it with the grain and see how the riceof Inca homogeneous.
Dastar is saryk – "king" in Ferghana pilaf. It's an aged smoked fermented rice, buy this – a great success. He has a noticeable odor and it is extremely solid.