Advice 1: How to use an avocado pit

A major bone of tropical fruits attractive. They want to try. However, some of them not too useful because they contain toxic substances. For example, the seed of the avocado is dangerous to animals and harmful to humans. To use a bone of avocado , you can, but not in food.
How to use an avocado pit
You will need
  • Avocado, water, matches, or toothpicks, thin drill bit, earth, pot, cotton wool (gauze or cotton fabric).
Select ripe "alligatora pear". From the unripe fruit the seed will germinate! If you purchase too firm avocado, wrap a piece of fruit for a few days in the paper – it will ripen.
Carefully remove the delicate with a slight nutty flavor, buttery flesh of avocado. Good clean bone and wipe.
Cook in the pot substrate of earth, humus and sand. Put him in a bone, sticking her wide lower side. Bury it, not completely, but only one-third of the total size. Water in the pan abundantly in spring and summer, moderately in autumn and winter. After a couple of months will sprout.
To speed up the process use a pre-germination. Wrap the seed of the avocado in wet cotton wool, gauze, or cotton cloth, which is constantly wet. After some time – from two to four weeks, the bone will crack, the roots will appear. Plant it in a pot with soil suitable for avocado. Deeply bury.
Poractice the seed of the avocado in an open way. Drill in the bone at the middle of the three small holes approximately equidistant from each other. Insert in these holes three matches or toothpicks. Make the holes at a slight angle below the pit of the avocado did well on the sticks. They will serve by her side. Plant design on a glass of water. The wide face of the seed must be at the bottom. Maintain the water level. Bone needs a little touch of water. Few weeks from the seed of the avocado will sprout roots.
When roots will be quite a lot, and their length reaches 3-4 cm, put a bone into a pot with a diameter of 9 cm. do Not bury the seed completely. Cover the ground on a third. By this time, the upper side of the bone can already see the germ. Do not remove solid residues from the rind of a sapling. After a time, she will be pale pink, smooth and decorate the plant.
Tree grown to 10-15 cm, transplant to a larger pot. Keep the plant in a bright location but not direct sunlight.
Come up with a different design to maintain bone avocado. Most importantly, stick to the principle that the wide side of the bone needs to be in constant contact with water.
Useful advice
In winter, the plant may lose leaves, which will appear again in the spring.

Advice 2 : How to reduce the bones in the legs

Bunions on feet – literally a sore point for many. Something that makes the pain even in the most high-quality and comfortable shoes. What is unable to withstand the long walks. What makes acquiring stylish and fashionable footwear meaningless, because to walk in it would be continuous torture, because it is not only the cause of the pain, but also a cosmetic defect, faced by mostly women after thirty.
How to reduce the bones in the legs
You will need
  • Orthopedic surgeon, finger scissors, iodine, a decoction of herbs, fifteen minutes of time, preferably in the evening.
Determine the cause of the bones in the legs. You can select among the risk factors for the presence of obesity, impaired water – salt balance in the body, hormonal imbalance, hereditary or acquired flat feet.
The first radical recommended by doctors – orthopedic - surgery. Operation is not complicated, after a few days the patient will already be on his feet, the only condition is in recovery period, which lasts 4-5 weeks, to wear the simple and comfortable shoes without a heel. Please note – even the simplest surgery can result in serious consequences.
How to reduce the bones in the <b>legs</b>
The second way, the conservative – as a preventive and curative measure to wear finger correctors, insoles, arch supports and other orthopedic fixture, preserving the natural position of the foot during loading. The disadvantage is that all this must be used constantly.
How to reduce the bones in the <b>legs</b>
A third method is the local application of drugs. Method is effective if the procedure does not forget to carry out regularly for two months. Thoroughly steam the feet in the decoction of herbs containing essential oils, plantain, sage, mint. You then need to dry feet and massage the area. Directly on a bone to cause iodine mesh cotton swab.
How to reduce the bones in the <b>legs</b>
Iodine grid helps to identify the lack of iodine in the body – it should be applied to the inside of your wrist and wait a few minutes. If the grid is not gone, this is the first signal of the body about the increased need for iodine compounds.
Useful advice
The procedure of applying iodine mesh on the bone should be performed regularly, daily, for at least two months. Iodine, as an antiseptic, helps to stop inflammation and the formation of salts. In addition, we must not forget about the water balance of the body, daily drink up to two liters of clean water.

Advice 3 : Benefits of avocado for women

Just a few years ago avocados were considered exotic, now you can buy them in most food supermarkets. The popularity of this fruit is not only delicate taste, but also high nutritional value. Avocado is especially useful for the female body.
Benefits of avocado for women

In avocado contains huge amount of vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are in a favorable ratio and are easily digested by the female body. Only one fruit of the avocado allows you to satisfy the daily requirement of retinol, tocopherol and potassium. Especially useful is the combination for pregnant women, and therefore they should be included in the diet of food containing the flesh of this useful fruit.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is rich in avocados, have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Its health depends on well-being at any age, but the most vulnerable postmenopausal women. Regular use of avocado in the body, lowers bad cholesterol, which is an excellent prevention of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Despite the fact that avocado is a champion of the fat content (compared to other fruits), it is recommended by dietitians to women who wish to lose weight. There are entire power system, which is based on the use of the pulp of this fruit in large quantities. A week of this diet can not only to part with a couple of extra pounds and cleanse the liver of toxins.

In addition, the useful and the mask from the pulp of avocado. They have a rejuvenating effect, making skin more elastic and velvety. To prepare the mask you need 50 grams of crushed fruits mixed with about a teaspoon of olive oil. The resulting mass should be to apply a thin layer on face and wash within 20 minutes.

Similarly, you can prepare hair mask, but as a basis it is better not to use oil, and egg yolk. After two or three 15-minute treatments, the hair will become more elastic and shiny.

Advice 4 : Do apricot seeds and what they are useful

The fruit of apricot is not in vain considered to be a valuable and nutritious product – they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In addition, apricots are famous for the juicy and delicious flesh, and their bones contained of sweet kernels edible.
Do apricot seeds and what they are useful

Use apricot kernel

Sami apricot pits to eat quite problematic, because they are very solid. But the nucleoli inside, have a pleasant sweet taste and is rich in rare vitamin B17, which includes a cyanide substance. In small doses it is fatal for produced in the body the cancer cells and in healthy cells it is converted to a simple carbohydrate. Thus, the kernels of these fruits are on the body as harmless for healthy cells, natural chemotherapy.

In addition, the apricot kernels contain about 20% protein and 70% of valuable edible oil that is used in the manufacture of various useful medicines and cosmetics. The composition of apricot kernel oil are essential for humans fatty acids are: oleic, linoleic, palmitic. Contained in the nuclei of these fruit also contains lactose, vitamins PP, A and F. the Latter, incidentally, is often called the beauty vitamin. There are also mineral elements such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium.
In Ancient China, the apricot kernel oil thanks to its unique composition was valued more than gold.

The use of apricot seed in cooking

Sweet and a little crunchy kernels of apricot pits are used in many areas, from culinary to cosmetology. Their pleasant sweet taste to many dishes adds a special piquancy. For example, the kernels of these fruits, you can add apricot jam to make it taste more interesting, and the appearance is beautiful. Only they must be boiled for 10-20 minutes together with jam.

The kernels of apricot seed can also be added to many dishes is nuts. They go well with oatmeal, yogurt or cottage cheese. They are often mixed with honey or some jam, and then use as a filling for rolls, waffles or other sweet pastries. The crushed kernels of apricot seed can also be used in various salads. And for the treatment of cardiovascular disease fresh apricot kernels should be brewed in a tea.
In 100 g of kernels of apricot seeds contains 450 calories.

The sweetness of the apricot kernel allows you to eat them in its purest form is one of the most effective broad-spectrum Anthelmintics. However, we must remember that in the day of an adult without harm to health can eat only 50 grams of this product, and children – two times less. In a large number of nucleoli apricot kernels can lead to poisoning due to the contained prussic acid.

Advice 5 : Why can't we have the stone of a peach

Nice in the winter cold to eat a delicious peach compote or tea with fragrant jam. But the curious human mind wants to understand all things with which it comes into contact, including up to peach pit.
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The homeland of the peach is China, then the plant came to India and then to Persia. Then the fruit tree was brought to Italy and Eurasia. Peaches are eaten fresh, as preserves and jams, and even in cosmetics use the oil produced from the kernels of peach pits. Underwire fruit also insist liqueur.

That contain a peach pit?

Palatability of ripe peach very high. But bone from the shell to separate is always difficult. It is densely overgrown flesh and removed the rare. The rind of the bone is covered by furrows, and the nucleolus is in a hard shell.

Bitter - peach is because it contained the glycoside amygdalin. Stuff gets in the human body, is cleaved, resulting in the release of hydrocyanic acid. The concentration of acid in a single bone is extremely small, but it is still poisonous.

Very useful oil extracted from the kernel of delicious fruit. As the peach tree belongs to the species of almond, oil is called almond. It contains unsaturated fatty acid, with hydrocyanic acid there misses, as it is not soluble in fat.

Use the kernels of peach pits

Almond oil is widely used in cosmetics to soften the skin. It is added to different cosmetic means: creams for skin care face and hands, masks and cleansing scrubs.

Food almond oil is used as a dressing for salads. And in the East the peach pit eating a pre-soak prior to acidification. Or fried at high temperature, the amygdalin splits for safe and healthy connections.

The Italians use the kernels of peach and apricot to flavor jams and cookies. Of course, kernels are exposed to heat treatment. Italian liqueur "Amaretto" flavor of almond oil.

Raw kernels of peach pits edible, but eating them is needed in very small amounts, knowing how to do it right. Kernel stored away from children to avoid poisoning and disorders of the digestive system of the child.

If you love to experiment with tastes of exotic foods, you can try to use almond butter or roasted kernels of peach pits as food supplements. We just need to remember about moderation and caution. And cosmetic products based on almond oil will certainly be pleased with their qualities fair ladies.

Advice 6 : Why grow the bone on the big toes

Talipes brings a lot of inconvenience in the selection of shoes, and causes difficulty when walking. Most of the bones of the thumb, increasing in size, cause pain.
Why grow the bone on the big toes

The early signs of deformity

The deformation of the foot occurs slowly and imperceptibly. First they change the appearance of the bones of the thumb. Redness of the skin on the fingers, and irritation should alert members of the fairer sex. This is the first indication that the process of deformation of the joint. Another symptom is aching pain in the joints during walking and running, and after prolonged walking in heels.

The reasons for the growth of the bones of the thumb

Most often deformation of the foot is hereditary and passed on from generation to generation through the female line. But the bulging of the big toe joint can also be a symptom of a serious disease.

If you have flat feet, then you are at high risk of growth of bones of the thumb. An ordinary flatfoot in the early stages does not cause trouble. But when it turns from a simple cross - bones of the fingers are deforming. All the toes then take the fan and start to overlap each other. With all this, the bone of the big toe starts to bulge at a considerable distance.

The elimination of deformity

To avoid the growth of the bones of the big toe is necessary for preventive procedures. It is especially necessary to women, in the family where women have observed a deformation of the big toe joint several generations in a row.

Preventive procedures include massage and acupuncture, and of course a warm relaxing foot bath. But with regard to the shoes, then her choice should be taken seriously. You only need to wear comfortable shoes on your size, which does not disturb blood flow in the foot. High heels are not the best option of shoes for women. Should abandon them and wear more comfortable shoes on the platform of medium height.

In the case when it's too late to be prevented and it is necessary to be active, there are special bandages for the big toe joint. They help to keep the bones in place and prevent deformation of the joint due to articulated bus. The brace can be worn both at home and on the street. It is absolutely not in the way when putting shoes on and practically is not felt. As soon as the first signs of inflammation of the big toe joint, it is necessary to use iodine mesh and herbal compresses. Also sold in pharmacies many different ointments to prevent the growth of the bones of the big toe.
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