You will need
    • 10 kg of cucumbers;
    • 300 g dill (umbrellas);
    • 50 g of horseradish;
    • 2 heads of garlic;
    • 2 small pod of red hot pepper;
    • the leaves of oak and currants.
    • For the brine:
    • 10 liters of water;
    • 600 g coarse non-iodized salt.
For making crispy pickled cucumbers to choose a variety designed for pickling. Very original look small cucumbers – gherkins. Also give preference to young, not developed into fruit, preferably having a flat cylindrical shape.
Freshly picked cucumbers , wash in cold water, then soak them for several hours. During this time water will be absorbed into the flesh, making inside an already salted cucumbers will not void.
While the pickles soaked, prepare the container and brine. It can be a big enameled pot or basin. You can take a glass 3-or 5-tiotropia banks. Capacity wash and join in the brine. For this, dissolve coarse salt in 10 liters of boiled hot water, put cool.
Rinse with water umbrellas dill, oak leaves and black currant. Clean, wash and cut into small pieces of horseradish root. Garlic divide into cloves and clean too. Hot pepper free from seeds and cut into several parts according to the number of cans for pickling. If you cook cucumbers in a receptacle (saucepan, bowl or other), leave the pepper intact.
Once soaked, rinse the cucumbers, cut each fruit the tips on both sides for the best brining. At the bottom of the container put the well-cleaned root horseradish, pepper, garlic, and washed greens: dill, oak leaves and black currant. Fill the cucumbers, then pour the warm brine.
Cucumbers in a bowl or saucepan, pull the yoke, and the banks cover the gauze. Put cucumber to proclivities at room temperature for 1-2 days. After which they can bring to the table. Then store in the cellar or the refrigerator, as the process of brining continues, and several days later, freshly-salted cucumbers will lose its original taste.