It is no secret that the Japanese are a nation that worships nature. In the period of cherry blossom (festival Hanami) under the trees book place not to miss admiring this phenomenon. Note here the Sea Day, Earth Day.
Very sensitive Japanese to food intake. Despite the fact that individuals are obese in Japan, little here eat much. In Japan it is not customary to quickly eat on the go, certainly need to calm down, focus on the meal. The preparation of many dishes like a Holy ritual, just because "snack" is more difficult than thoroughly to eat. Matters that in Japan they eat a lot of rice, fish, seafood is a healthy food, thanks to which the Japanese look much younger than Europeans.
Very thoroughly Japanese to the issue of hygiene, it is therefore customary to remove your shoes before entering, and there are special toilet Slippers. In the homes of the Japanese wear white socks, and of course, the floors here are a perfect purity. To say that housing in Japan is a quite complicated situation, because houses and apartments are significantly inferior in quality to European housing, while real estate is expensive.
The Japanese have a lot and work hard, but to get a decent place without connections is almost impossible. It is vital that the person had a diploma of higher education, was loyal, attentive to superiors – in this case it will be a success. After work the Japanese have a rest in the bars and cafes, usually in the company of work colleagues – it is believed that it helps to strengthen the corporate spirit.
Almost since its birth to old age, the Japanese strive for perfection in all things. Live for yourself, resting and relaxing, Japanese begins only after retirement. Means for a comfortable existence in old age are deposited throughout life. Tax policy in Japan is quite hard, but despite this, the income of the average Japanese high and have enough money – and on the life and contributions.