The fastest version of the move to Cyprus - the opening of your own business and working to improve the economic condition of the country. If you can prove that you are ready to invest a certain amount of money, to hire residents in Cyprusand and thus positively affect the life of the island, it is very likely that a residence permit you will receive without problems.
You can also move to Cyprus, if you can prove your ability to pay and no need to search for work in CyprusYou will need to confirm availability of own or rented accommodation and an income of not less than ten thousand Euro per year, then your application for residence is likely to be approved.
If you buy a property in Cyprusor to obtain sufficient income there is no way you can get a work visa in Cyprus. If you have demand on the island, a profession, a unique level of knowledge and abilities and not create competition for the jobs for the Cypriots, the search of suitable work, without leaving their country, and then discuss with the prospective employer all the details of obtaining residency in CyprusE.
It is easy to give a residence permit in Cypruse for up to five years, if you come to get an education on the island. Tuition fees are not higher than in Russia, the quality of education is quite high, so if you plan to get a higher education, try to make it to CyprusAfter graduation, you will be able to apply for jobs without leaving the country and obtain a residence permit for a longer time. After five years of residence in the country you will be able to apply for citizenship of Cyprusand, but for this you will need to prove a high level of knowledge of the Greek language. Therefore, if you intend to become a citizen of Cyprusand engaged in the study of language, buy their own homes, and it will not be a big problem for you.