You will need
    • For a sweet pilaf with dried fruit is the quantity of the products on the eye:
    • Fig;
    • dried fruits (dried apricots
    • prunes
    • raisins);
    • butter or ghee;
    • sugar;
    • salt.
    • For the festive Armenian pilaf with dried fruits:
    • 2 cups rice (long grain);
    • dried fruits (dried apricots
    • prunes
    • raisins
    • figs
    • dates);
    • almonds;
    • Armenian lavash;
    • ghee;
    • salt.
Sweet pilaf with dried fruitsMelt in the cauldron butter or ghee. Add dried fruit and simmer in oil about twenty or thirty minutes.
The loop, wash the rice and put it with stewed dried fruit. Add salt and cover with cold water so that it was two fingers above the rice. Add the sugar.
Bring to the boil and reduce the heat to the smallest. When the water evaporated, carefully collect figure slide from the edges to the center.
Cover with a cloth or towel, turn off the heat and wrap in a warm cauldron tissue. Allow to stand for ten or fifteen minutes.
Pilaf do not disturb! Remove the towel and the fabric cover on top of the cauldron dish and abruptly turn upside down, so that the fruits were at the top.
Armenian holiday pilaf with dried fruitin a large kettle, Pour water three times more than rice (if you cook pilaf two cups of water need six cups), put on fire, bring to a boil and add salt. That amount of salt will need about a teaspoon.
Sort, rinse and soak for a few hours Fig. The water is then drain, and rice drain in a colander.
Pour into the cauldron boiling salted water rice, stir and cook for ten minutes until soft. Inside grain should remain tight. Drain, and rice drain in a sieve and rinse with cold boiled water to the rice turned out crumbly.
On the bottom of the cauldron, put pita bread and pour it two or three tablespoons of melted butter. Put on top of the rice, flatten it and add the butter. Then put remaining rice, and also lightly drizzle with oil.
Wrap the lid of the cauldron with a clean kitchen towel tightly close the bowl with the pilaf and put on a small fire.
Wash fruits, remove the prunes and dates of the bone. Almond clean. To put it into a sieve which is place on a steam bath, cover, and steam for thirty minutes.
Put steamed dried fruit in a small pan, pour ghee and mix.
Lay the slices of pita bread on a dish, top place the rice, garnish with steamed dried fruit and almonds.