Advice 1: How to make the effect of old paper

Old paper is an excellent material for creativity. It can be used for scrapbooking, decorating albums and photos in a retro style, making ancient scrolls and maps. There are several methods of artificial aging of paper at home.
How to make the effect of old paper
You will need
  • - black tea;
  • - instant coffee;
  • - hot water;
  • - milk;
  • - iron
  • - matches or lighter.
One of the most popular techniques – soaking the paper in tea leaves. Pour 5 tablespoons of black leaf tea Cup of boiling water and let it infuse. Instead of tea you can use coffee in the ratio of 10 teaspoons instant coffee per Cup of boiled water. The deeper the solution, the darker the paper. Strain the infusion and pour the liquid into the tub. Lower back is a sheet of paper. It can be pre-crumple for giving your work greater historical accuracy. After five minutes, remove the paper from the bath and put to dry on a flat surface. To speed up the drying process, the sheet is recommended to iron iron.
Can be used to age paper with milk. To do this, apply the milk on the sheet on both sides with a cotton swab. After it dries a bit, gently iron it with the iron. If you hold received the paper over a hot stove, you can get very colourful markings, which will give your product a special chic. Working with an open flame, be aware of safety precautions.
Very effective, but a longer time is a method of aging paper the sun. For this position the required number of opposite leaves of direct sunlight. After a few days your paper will naturally turn yellow and will take the form of a rare document.
Once you got the old paper, you can make it even more believable. The sheet spread in several places granules of coffee. It will make the color uneven. Then carefully singe the edges with a match or lighter.
If desired, any of the proposed options can be used to age the book. For this it is necessary to put each page in a solution and iron her iron. Only after complete drying of the sheet, you can proceed to the next. The process will take quite a long time, but you can become the owner of rare book editions.

Advice 2 : How to make vintage paper

Conceived romantic photo album in the style of "vintage" or want to make younger brother and his friends an unforgettable surprise in the form of a fascinating quest with ancient maps, pirates and treasure chests full of treasures? Then you can not do without a sheet of aged paper. Ancient paper priceless artifacts of the past, mysterious and causing the desire to reveal stored their centuries-old secrets. Notes, sketches, letters, photographs and maps – through the test of time, they acquire the high status of the rarity of the piece and turn into expensive things. But still possible to cheat time and to "wear out" paper in a matter of hours.
How to make vintage paper
You will need
  • - paper of different sorts;
  • - tea/coffee/cocoa/milk/decoction of onion peel;
  • - brush, cotton swab, toothbrush;
  • - iron
  • - a candle or lighter;
  • - solid eraser, fine sandpaper.
There are several ways to give paper a vintage look. For example, using strong tea or infusion of other herbs and plants. Brew strong tea and pour it in a container of the type tray or trays. A sheet of paper put it into a tea (with tea leaves) and hold there to fiber paper impregnated with the dye solution. Then remove the sheet and let it dry. To speed up the drying process you can use iron, radiator or hair dryer.
If you need dyed unevenly, as if in some places darkened the paper, then using a brush you can re-apply a tea infusion to its surface, covering random spots. Torn edges can be obtained, tearing the paper directly in the vessel with tea.
The second method is staining of soluble coffee. In a roomy bowl, pour a few teaspoons of coffee with boiling water. The paper put in the coffee and hold for 10-15 minutes. Then remove the paper and air dry naturally or iron. Evaluate the results, and if you are not satisfied, repeat painting again, adding more coffee in the dye solution. You can put in coffee, crumpled paper – it all depends on what effect you want to achieve. In the same way toned paper in cooked cocoa. Only shade turns out a little different.
Toning decoction of onion peel. To do this, soak the onion peels in water at room temperature for three hours. The husk should fill ¾ of the volume. Then bring the water with the shuck to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about an hour. In the cooled cooked broth put the paper and wait for it to saturated liquid. If you need a smooth tone, then place the paper in the strained broth. After staining dry aged sheet. Experiment, because the result is impossible to predict accurately. Achieve the desired effect empirically.
Gives good results wetting the surface of the paper with milk. Cotton swab apply milk on the sheet. A little dry, and then hold the paper over a hot burner until it begins to darken. So you can get "old" unevenly darkened paper.
Additional effects of the old and "damaged" by time and circumstances, achieved with the use of fire, candles or lighters. Carefully sear the edges of "rarity" fire or hold the entire sheet over the flame to soot it in some places. Do not forget about safety precautions.
Will look intriguing on aged paper traces from a Cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine. Put on the sheet a Cup of wet tea or coffee in the bottom, below footprint imprinted. You can simulate accidentally spilled droplets or "puddles" of drinks.
An additional effect may give the spray on the paper using a toothbrush all used in the tinting dye solutions or dye of a suitable tint.
You can also simulate and fading, wrinkling and other defects in the antique market. RUB the surface with an eraser or fine sandpaper, fold in half and draw the curved corners. Put under pressure for some time. In General, imitate all the things that could survive a paper, book, letter, photograph for their long years of existence.
By charring the edges of the paper and working with the iron with extreme caution.
Useful advice
Particularly impressive will look aged paper loose varieties, because in the old days was produced just such a paper. Fine texture and has aged vellum.

To obtain a sheet of aged paper with smooth surface (paint, for example) pull a white sheet of paper on the tablet, and then toniruja. Leave the tablet to dry, and then remove and trim the curved edges of the sheet (or anneal, tear, etc.).

Advice 3 : How to make a book antique

Vintage books is a precious material of the past, causing the desire to discover centuries-old secrets. Passing the test of time, they turn into expensive things. However, you can cheat time itself and make a book under the old. And believe me, it's not so hard.
How to make a book antique
You will need
  • - PVA glue;
  • unnecessary book;
  • - stain;
  • - a container of water;
  • brush;
  • - paint gold or copper-colored;
  • - a blank sheet of paper;
  • Wallpaper or fabric for the cover;
  • - old photos.
Bust out the old books, notebooks with hard cover, books. Turn on your imagination. Set yourself some capacity with the presence of water. Will wet our hands and crease each sheet, as if making it a harmonica. Divide "book" into 2 equal parts and begin to knead with the end to the middle. In the same way one should do with the second part. Allow to dry paper, leave it for a day alone.
Dilute PVA glue with water, but not too liquid that it would be possible to glue pages. Start building a "sculpture" out of leaves, gluing them together. Give the owner a view of ancient manuscripts. No need to rush. You need to give the book again to dry.
Take the stain and dilute it with water to a suitable color and brush carefully paint the sides and leaves on top, like costarica them. Then as it all dries, apply with a brush paint gold or copper color. It will all depend on your imagination what the cover and color sheets.
Use a clean sheet, which corresponds to the format of the book. Fold it in half and glue in the middle so it has turned out crumpled. Then this leaf can be done decoupage, glue old photos. The cover can be made of Wallpaper, fabric, heavy paper. It all depends on your ingenuity.
Useful advice
Give paper old using tea or other herbal infusion. Need to brew strong tea and pour into a container, e.g. a tray. Lower the paper into the tea and hold it there. Leaves to soak in this solution. Then remove them and dry them. To accelerate drying, use warm iron or Hairdryer.

Apply instant coffee. In a bowl put a couple of teaspoons of coffee and pour boiling water. Paper is placed in this solution and kept for 10 minutes. Further, the paper material is cut, dried in a natural way or is used for this iron.
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