Some time ago, the notion of propiska was replaced by registration. The child should be registered within 1 month from the day of birth, otherwise you run the risk of being prosecuted under part 2 of article 19.15 of the code of administrative offences. This article establishes the assumption of responsibility for residence without registration at the place of residence. The amount of the fine for this administrative offense is from 2000 to 2500 rubles. To register a child will need the following documents:- birth certificate of the child and its copy;- the passport of the parents and their copies;- certificate of marriage registration;- an extract from the house register, or extract from personal accounts;- the application for registration of a child from one parent;- statement of the second parent that he agrees to the registration of the child is required, if parents are registered in different addresses;- if the parents are registered at different addresses, it must confirm that the child is not registered with the other parent, this requires a certificate from the place of residence of the other parent.At the birth registration of children there are several features. The check is performed regardless of the size of the living space, even if these sizes do not meet the standards established by the legislation.The child can only be registered to one of the parents (guardians or adoptive parents, if the parents are not). Excluded child to other relatives, even if it's grandma or grandpa. It is also impossible to register a child in a separate living space, even if the child himself is the owner of this housing.When registering a child without the consent of other family members, even if they are the owners of the residential area.