You will need
  • - video.
If you are playing back the movie using Media Player Classic, click on its menu icon, the icon of the codec, and then you should see a drop down menu. Select "Hide subtitles" or "Hide subtitles" if you have the English version of the software.
To disable subtitles when watching movies and other videos in different players third-party developers use the menu "Play" or just try to click right mouse button on the current record. It all depends on the software you are using.
Please note that many programs have a function to control the subtitles from the main menu. Before using the players in the mandatory review that in the future it will be easier to control its functionality.
If the subtitles are sewn into the recording (one file together with the film), view file extension. You just need to enable display extensions for registered file types in the settings of a folder's appearance using the control panel of the computer. If the file format is not .mkv, most likely the subtitles are sewn into the video and cannot be turned off in your case.
If you have a video with sewn into her subtitles that cannot be displayed disable download the record again without them. For this you can use special sites and other resources for sharing files between users.
Please note that in cases of viewing the videos online (e.g. on the website or other resources for storing video), off the subtitles impossible to do this, simply search the regular version to view.