You will need
    • 1 kg lamb;
    • 1 kg of rump;
    • 10 heads of onions;
    • 2 large bunch of fresh Basil;
    • 8 large tomatoes;
    • 2 cups of white wine;
    • salt
    • pepper.
While you will be cooking the barbecue, will resplice grill. It is better to use natural coals than purchase. Purchased coal is worse erupted.
Chop the lamb and fatty tail pieces of medium size, such that it was easy to string on a skewer.
Prepare the marinade. Onions cut into rings 5 mm thick. Wash greens and tomatoes. Roughly chop the Basil. Tomatoes cut into rings with a thickness of about 1 centimeter.
Now, take a special vessel. It should be a comfortable roomy bowl or pan. It is very important that the utensils that you will use for marinating, were either enameled, or glass. So if you do not have such advance find her.
Now in this clean pot put the meat, and the rump in a single layer portions of the pieces of both to completely cover the bottom. Next, lay out the next layer of the onion rings. The third layer is Basil. Finally, the fourth type tomatoes. After the fourth layer, it starts from the beginning: meat, and the rump, onion, greens, tomatoes. Don't forget liberally salting and peppering each layer.
When all the ingredients are stacked in the pelvis, it is necessary to condense them. Take a wide plate or dish and giving it a shish kebab. Next, take white wine and pour over meat. Leave the skewers for half an hour.
Before stringing kebab, skewer brush with vegetable oil so that the pieces could easily remove them after cooking. Marinated meat separate from vegetables, to roast only the meat. String the pieces along the grain, alternating the lamb and the rump.
When the coals are ready, lay the skewers on the grill. Periodically twist them to the barbecue or one side is not burnt. If you receive a flame, sprinkle it with water. To check whether the barbecue, make a small incision with a knife. If you ran the pink juice, the meat's not ready yet. Well, if a clear juice - kebab can be served on the table.