You will need
  • - telephone and telephone outlet.
Decide what features you need in a phone. Modern landline phones provide the ability to use a phone book (memory in 20-30 rooms), Voicemail, display, caller ID, dialing with one button, a quick re-dial, speakerphone, hold function rooms. Of course, on the latitude of the device's capabilities depends on the price.
Choosing a camera in the store, ask the seller, is it possible to check the operation of the apparatus on the spot. If this is not possible, will have to check the machine at home. Here you can check the quality of speaker and microphone: are there any extraneous sounds or interference during a conversation (good quality sound - one of the main advantages of fixed line compared to mobile).
Choosing the sizes stationary unit, note that the larger the device is, the large set of extra features it has. If it's an office machine, where, as a rule, free Desk space and the budget for the purchase is restricted, you will have a rigorous approach to the selection of necessary functions. Refrain from displays, phone book, speakerphone.
Indulge in homemade apparatus with high functions and features, because in this case there is no need to save the cm. The large display allows you to see the caller's number in the phone memory are saved with the last few numbers callers. On display also will change the last number you have dialled, time, duration of conversation. It may be very useful backlight function display, for example, with night call.
Do not give up get the message: translated in this mode , the device will record all incoming calls will give all callers in your absence that you want to send to them and write them a short voice message.