You will need
  • - 300 g of yarn;
  • - straight knitting needles No. 2;
  • - set stocking spokes № 2.
Crochet tights will suit any woolen yarn, the only condition – it should be fine, about 1600 m a hundred grams.
Pre-link the sample, the optimal density of which 26 of the hinges 42 in a sample of 10x10 cm If the number of loops in your sample is different, then take the knitting needles of larger or smaller diameter or do the math by your standards.
Crochet tights age 4-5 years type 75 loops. Provarite 5 cm regular elastic 1x1 or 2x2.
Next knit basic pattern nebazhannya rows. For this provarite 50 turns (rest of the loop is not promazyvaya), expand and knit knitting pattern purl row. Then knit pattern 5, see
Provarite 55 loops, turn the knitting and knit pattern purl row. Then again, knit 5 cm straight. In the next row provarite of 60 stitches, not tavaziva 15, and turn the knitting. 3 cm knit straight and start doing obuvki between the legs as follows.
Reduce 2 stitches at the beginning and the end of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th rows, and then knit 5 cm straight. Then turn down 6 loops evenly across the canvas provarite 5 cm and in the next row, turn down another 6 loops. Now knit straight to desired length tights to your ankle.
Now go on knitting socks and knitting. Lock the loop in a circle and knit, like a normal sock.
First two spokes vivacite heel. About 10 provarite rows front stitch, then divide the number of stitches on 2 needles into 3 parts and knit, promazyvaya the last loop of the middle part and the first third part together. Do likewise until the needle will not loop only the middle part.
Next, enter the edges of the heel loop and knit the front stitch in a circle to the little finger. Can the upper part of the knitting pattern, and the bottom facial surface.
Turn down the loop to form the toe. Divide them into two parts (top and bottom). Provarite facial one loop, one loop clear, proverite following the front, and pull through her shot. At the end of a number provarite 2 together and one face. Similarly provarite the second part. Knit in this way until the spokes will not remain 4-6 loops. These loops pull out, tear off the thread and hide it inside a sock with a hook.
Tie the second symmetrical part. That the tights were more durable and comfortable to wear knit gusset – a small square of 5x5 cm of the Trouser sew, vsheyte gusset. In hollow elastic insert an elastic band. The tights ready.