You will need
  • 250 g cotton yarn, 5 spokes # 1 and # 1,5
The motif of the pattern for your Golf, you can choose any, for example, a variety of openwork patterns. For example, it looks great pattern called "herringbone", it can be alternated with diamonds. Eraser Golf, you can arrange triangular ornamental strip.
In order to know exactly the required number of hinges for a set, link the specimen 10*10 cm and determine how many loops in 1 cm, then multiply the amount of feet and the number of loops in one centimeter. The sample should have 32 loops. For example, the girth of 35 cm therefore: 35h32:10=112 loops. You should also check whether it is divisible dialed the number of loops by the width of the pattern for knee socks. If knitting knee socks, you're using multiple patterns, you should check, are there loop all patterns to the total number of loops. For example, the motif "tree" is divided into 8, 112 divided by 8 turns 14 motifs, motif "diamonds" is divided into 16 therefore turns 7 motives. The main motive is divided into 36 a total of 3 motive 4 extra loops, so these 4 loops to the reverse band will need to subtract linking them together inside-out loops.
Dial on the spokes of the required number of loops. Distribute them to the four spokes equally. Large patterns are difficult to reduce at the ankle, so the first stacked number and the beginning of the knit on the spokes №1,5. With these spokes vivacite eraser and once the whole pattern, it will be 96 rows, then go to thinner spokes №1. But, nevertheless, the eraser or elastic can still stretch out when worn. If you add to thread of thin rubber, the eraser will not lose shape and will hold tight on the leg. Next go to thin spokes and provarite 96 series. Dawasa to heel, make 12 loops, six loops in each row two times. In the end, each needle must remain on 24 stitches.
Place the pattern in the middle towards the heel and proceed to its vyvazhivanie. To do this, tie a cloth on two spokes, blade length heel will be equal to the number of loops multiplied by two. The decrease heel make on the same needles which knit the heel, in the beginning of the fourth spoke of the first 2 stitches knit purl, then 2 loops provarite along with the removal. At the end of the first spokes of the penultimate loop provarite along the front, the last two loops of the knit purl. Below knee get soft and comfortable, all patterns should be knit on the upper part of the product. The lower part of the foot provarite hosiery knitting (the front surface), but can be linked and purl stitch.
Toe shape the same as in the ordinary knitting socks, but the only difference between uravneniyami this time will not be facial, 2 purl loops.