You will need
  • - fresh herbs, ginger, lemon peel, red pepper.
Use white wine vinegar as salad dressings, sauces and marinades to fish and vegetable dishes. Use red wine vinegar to prepare sauces for venison, lamb, beef, and also for the foundations of spicy vinegar.
Prepare the spiced vinegar: take red wine vinegar, place the herbs (dill, garlic, parsley, celery, Basil, or mixed herbs), allow to steep for one to two weeks at room temperature.
Add vinegar desired sweet or spicy taste, adding a little cinnamon or red pepper. A pleasant taste is lemon peel, ginger (all spices and herbs must be completely covered by the vinegar). Use for improving the taste of the salad, vinaigrette, sauce, marinade.
Use balsamic vinegar instead of red wine in recipes where it is present.
Use vinegar (3%) for acidification, create a spice in food, restore, or improve the color. Soda, slaked with vinegar, add in sand, the pancake batter to make it loose.
Vinegar disinfect kitchen Board: wash and wipe with a cloth soaked in vinegar, then rinse again with water.
Remove smell from aluminum cookware: drench it with boiling water with the addition of a small amount of vinegar. Remove rust from silver and copper dishes: wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar. In order to avoid burning on a new pan prior to first use, pour a few drops of vinegar. Add to omelette or scrambled eggs 2-3 drops of vinegar, that they are not burnt.
Make a sharper mustard: mix it with warm water and add some vinegar. Add it to the grated radish to remove its bitterness. Sprinkle with vinegar boiled fish to remove fishy smell.
Add to rice a few drops of vinegar while cooking such rice is to be stored longer.