Photo found wide application in law, media, history, design and life of the common man. Each person has a home photo album, without words tells the audience the story of your life, shows you what you were in your youth, what events happened in your biography. The photo is a tribute, a way of perpetuating individual time on a small piece of paper the size of 10x15. Photography is a kind of time machine that returns you back to your childhood, or disclosing the nature and spirit of a bygone era. Invaluable have pictures for the retrospective and recreating the lifestyle of the people of XIX-XX centuries. These old photos carry a special energy, timeless. Again, photos are often featured in forensics, they serve as the evidence base, shed information on the events. While doing all this impartially, without giving room to falsehood and misunderstanding. This ability photo is often used by journalists for covering certain events. Almost every article in the press is accompanied by high-quality photography that reflects the essence transferred in the publication. Often, when words can be misconstrued, published only a photo. It already carries enough information to the reader made some conclusions. And, of course, the photograph became another direction of art. So many beautiful moments captured in photos. How clearly and vividly presents the beauty of nature, the Majesty and power of a sea storm, the unique color of sunrise and sunset. With the help of a photograph person attached to the beauty. He develops esthetic taste, love to the world. Turned into a hobby, photography distracts the person from everyday life and routine, allows you to feel the Creator of something eternal, to discover the observer and the Creator. After all, in life so many beautiful moments and pictures that people just don't know how to say...Pictures are widely used in interior design. Each apartment is required to have at least a small portrait of his mistress or master. From colorful and bright photos make pictures and decorate the interior. To describe the whole range and extent of the use of photographs is quite difficult. Indeed, the development of technology, they find new and new use as a working material for computer graphics and create collages.