Start the program "Notepad" to create a. Bat file. Next, enter the text of the file. It will be different depending on what you want them to run. For example, create a. bat file to connect to the Internet if your connection is requesting a username and password.
This can be done if the Internet access is already configured and a shortcut for connecting to the Internet exists. In the file you should enter the following text: Radial "Enter a name for the connection" "Enter username" "Enter password". For example, radial megafon-moskva sdk23SsdkP1 125523.
Save the resulting file. To do this, select "File" – "Save as" type any file name, then type the extension *.bat. Now you can add shortcut to file in startup to connect to the Internet automatically when you start the operating system.
Use the start command when creating the. Bat file to run the application. To do this, type the following text in the file: start", Enter the full path to the program/file". Please note that long folder names and files should be reduced by using the ~ character, for example, instead of the name C:/Program Files enter C:/Progra~, provided that on disk no more folders starting with the data symbols.
Save the file same way as in step 3. If you save the batch file to run the program in the program folder, there is no need to include the full path to the application, it is sufficient to specify only the executable file, for example, start "Winword.exe". A shortcut for this file you can put anywhere on the computer. You can also use a batch file to create files, for example to create a disk With the file name Program.txt use the following command: @echo Start file>C:/Program.txt.