You will need
  • Thread,antiseptic liquid(chlorexidine),Apple or carrots.
Feed the baby before removing. After removal of the tooth will need to abstain for some time from food. After eating, the child should thoroughly brush your teeth. This will reduce the number of bacteria in the oral cavity.
One of the most common ways to remove a milk tooth with a thread. It should be used when a tooth is pretty well shattered. If the tooth sits in the gum tightly - this method will not work! The tooth tied with strong thread and jerk in the opposite direction of the jaw. It is not recommended to pull in the side. This increases the risk of damage to gums. Pull need to confidently and sharply. Longer, but less traumatic, is the way when the tooth is gradually loosened tongue or fingers. It takes the painmore time, but does not cause fear in the child.
After the tooth is removed, mouth must be rinsed with antiseptic liquid. For example, chlorhexidine. Not be amiss, for 5 minutes put a cotton wool soaked in it . To eat after that is not earlier than 2-2. 5 hours. You need to give to heal the wound on the site of an extracted tooth.