You will need
  • roulette;
  • calculator.
Measure the length, width and height of the room, which will be sheathed with clapboard.
Measure the length and width of material and thickness of the Board. For example, the length of the wooden siding is 6000 mm, width – 95 mm and a thickness of 2 cm. One such area of detail is 0.57 square meters, and the volume – 0,0114 cubic meters.
Divide the area of the walls (the area is found by multiplying the length by width) 0.57, that is, the area of a lining. Of course, such calculations imply that the whole lining will be used without the rest, but in real life this does not happen. Therefore, adjust the value by 10-15% (in case of marriage, waste and other defects). The result allows to determine the number of necessary lining pieces.
Multiply the number of necessary lining pieces on 0,0114 and get the calculated value in cubic metres.
Similar calculation is convenient only in the case when the length of the wall times the length of one stick lining. For example, the length of the wall is 3 meters and the length vgonki – 6 meters. That is, in this case, the lining is cut in half: received length just corresponds to the length of the room. In addition, at present you can buy in the construction market lining the desired length, which will significantly reduce waste.