To transplant a tree is possible only in strictly defined terms. Prepare the tree planting hole. The best time for this work is end of November – beginning of December. The optimum temperature for transplant or minus 2-3 degrees. You can also plant the tree in early spring, when the earth is in a frozen state.
The's a fruit tree aged 7-10 years, should be transplanted with a lump of earth. It needs to have a diameter of approximately 100 cm and the height 70 cm, Roots that go beyond these borders must be cut with a sharp axe. They are often cut with a hacksaw. All the ends of the roots necessarily sachette with a sharp knife. Teach the crown of the tree can be cut only in the spring, before the buds swell. The term transplant is not affected.
Plum, which is more than 5 years, need to be transplanted very carefully. First we need three sides of 50 cm from the trunk to dig out of the groove. Their length should be at least 60 cm and the depth is at least 50 cm of Pit fill of loose formula. It should consist of 40% rotted manure, 20% sand and 35-40% of upper fertile layer. Manure and organic residues will eventually be humus, at the same time, releasing gases. At the exit to the surface will form many tiny holes. This will ensure the road of oxygen to the roots. This will have a positive impact on the survival of transplanted tree. Groove tamp well and add water. The base of the branches, it is recommended to tie the burlap. About a month this harness need to moisten with water.
During the year, drain water regularly and protect from pests. Years will be enough for you to cut down the roots grew a powerful beard small suction roots. By the end of August, will be discontinued when the growth of shoots, you need to perform pruning of the crown.