You will need
  • - 500-600 g of yarn;
  • - knitting needles No. 6 and No. 7;
  • - circular knitting needles No. 6;
  • - threads;
  • - needle or a sewing machine.
Whatever you thing may knit, always start with a control sample. A small rectangle or square will help you to avoid many errors and hence rework. The pattern will be seen whether the amount of spokes thickness of the yarn selected and whether they are suitable for this pattern.
The resulting sample, stretch it slightly and measure with measuring tape. Count the number of stitches and divide it by the width of the specimen. The resulting number of stitches in one inch and multiply by the measure of the part you are going to knit (the value indicated on the pattern), or do the math by your standards.
Knitting of the back dial on the spokes of the desired number of loops, according to your calculations. Knit elastic 1 × 1 (alternate one front and one reverse) 5 inches. Then go to the spokes № 7. Canvas bind directly 65-79 cm loop close.
Before knit as back, only vivacite neck. To do this, after 60 cm from the start knitting close 10 hinged in the middle and knit each side separately. Take away to rounded in every second row 5, 3 and three times for 2 loops. The remaining loops close the shoulder through 65-70 cm from the start knitting.
Next, proceed to knitting the sleeves. Dial on the spokes № 6 about 40 loops and knit elastic 1x1. 3-4 cm from the beginning knitting go on the spokes number 7 and knit stitch facial. To add bevels sleeves in each sixth row by one loop. Close all loop through 50-55 cm from the start knitting.
All the details you will wear the pattern safety pins, wet and let them dry flat on a horizontal surface. Follow all the seams. Vsheyte sleeve in the armhole.
Lift on circular needles loops in a circle the neck and knit elastic 1x1 the desired length of piping. In the same way fit collar Golf. The facing can also be linked separately and sew manually cattalini weld to the neck.