You will need
  • yarn;
  • spokes;
  • hook;
  • scissors;
  • pattern.
Knitting sweaters you need to learn to recruit the loop, knit front and back, close and to diminish the loop and knit armholes and neckline. Jacket fit a few parts, which are connected at the end of the knitting.
Before you start knitting, you need to make a pattern. View fashion magazines, catalogs online or browse the shops. You need to determine the style of shirt. So for the pattern you need to make measurements with the waist and chest as well as to measure the length of the sleeves and the deep neckline.
Very nice sweaters that start with a crochet headband. There are many different gums. For example, a simple gum - 2 alternately face, 2 purl; 1 front, 3 purl; 3 facial, 3 purl, etc - gum English, Polish, French, curvy, diagonal, etc. the height of the gum can be any, but the width of the note based on the fact that gum uzhmetsya several times.
After the gum start knitting the fabric of the shirt. You can choose to knit a pattern that you like, the obverse or reverse surface. So you must knit up to the armholes of the sleeves. At the height of the armholes extreme close 5 loops on two sides, and then 2 times 3 loops. Continue to knit to the height of the neck.
The neck is the most difficult part of implementation because it gives a beautiful and spectacular view of the product. Because top was the most normal part of the wardrobe, she has such defined characteristics as a sweater, pullover or vest. Consequently, the neck can be any: round, square, V-shaped, with throat, collar, etc.
Sleeves need to start knitting from the bottom. Make sure the elastic band to the sleeve was wrapped and did not obtruse. It will be interesting to look 3/4 sleeves, but can be linked and conventional. The pattern for sleeves is drawn separately, and as the standards use the diameter of the arm at the wrist, elbow and shoulder. You can dial loops to the sleeves of the pre-stitched details front and back, but in this case, carefully follow the addition of loops on both sides, so that the sleeve is not too tight.