Pick a suitable name for your future company. It should be well remembered and not to be too long.
Think about what activities you want to do. After all for the compilation of the statement on state registration of the LLC, you will need to specify the kinds of entrepreneurial activities, according to the industries. It is best to choose several codes of the classifier. Importantly, the Treaty was drawn up according to the data of the codes activities, and to have written about what you are doing.
Please note that in the future, for each additional registration code you will need to pay for it. At the same time, code the main type of business specify the first.
Rent a room for development. Your company must have legal address.
Distribute the share capital among all members of the LLC. This is necessary in case if the company opens up a few people. In this case, note that the participants may suffer losses that are associated with the activities of the organization, only to the extent the amount of its funds that were invested in the authorized capital.
If you decided to create the LLC, then you should make the appropriate decision to open the company. If participants are several, you should issue a Protocol of the General meeting enterprises LTD.
Make bylaws, which must contain: the legal form of the company; its name, location, composition, size of the authorised capital; compensation and procedure of forming governing and control bodies; the system of distribution of profits and creation of funds of the enterprise; the procedure and conditions for reorganization and liquidation of the company.
Pay the fee for registration of the LLC. Receipt of payment attach to the registration statement, then gather the necessary documents for registration of the organization (Charter, Memorandum of Association, documents on the lease of the premises, a notarized copy of right to use the premises) and apply them to the above documents. Get your company details in the Department of the tax authorities, in which you recorded it.