"Thrombotic ACC" is prescribed not only to treat diseases of the blood vessels and heart. The indications are arthritis, toothache and headache, neuralgia. The cure can be used as a preventive measure against thromboembolism, the risk of which increases after surgical interventions on the vessels.
"Thrombotic ass" is intended for the treatment of long course. The duration of therapy determined by the treating physician and can range from 2-3 weeks to several months or more.
"Thrombotic ACC" is available in two doses: 50 and 100 mg Optimal dosage doctor will prescribe them depending on the type of disease, your weight and the severity of the condition. Take one tablet of the drug once a day.
Each tablet "Thrombotic ACC" enteric coated. Because of this the medication is absorbed in the intestine and causes great harm to the stomach. The drug will work much better if you take it before meals. However, in this case, you should wash down the pill with plenty of fluids.
As with any medication, "Thrombotic ACC" may cause side effects. Stop treatment and contact your doctor in case of allergic rashes or angioedema. Regularly donate blood to control the level of hemoglobin and platelets. Reduced level of these indicators is a signal to adjust the dose or temporary interruption of treatment.
Don't take "Thrombotic ass" during pregnancy, especially in the first and last trimester. The drug increases the risk of developmental defects of the fetus and can cause complications during childbirth. Lactation the drug is also contraindicated, as it penetrates into the milk and may cause adverse consequences for the child.