Try meeting a sincerely happy person, smile. Try to find a reason for positive emotions in the meeting with any, even the most unpleasant person to you. In an extreme case, think about what dealing with that person, you develop invaluable skills location people to himself! Isn't that a good reason to smile?
Listen to interlocutor! If he wants to speak – give him the chance. Try to find in his words something useful and interesting for yourself, recognize gestures.
If your partner doesn't talk much but you still need to communicate with him, take the initiative into their own hands. Ask him something he can understand better than you. If this does not help, engage them about something, what pleased, interested or amused you recently. To speak on General topics, such as weather, in fact, makes no sense. Such conversations usually quickly come to a standstill, which does not contribute to achieving that goal.
Call the person by name! Ensure that you remember the names of all the people with whom you are familiar. Very embarrassing to meet a friend, start a conversation, but never remember his name. Conversely, if you call the person by name, you immediately position yourself. Own name for people like a special code, it makes it stand out among others. Keep this in mind!
Follow the appearance, be neat! This applies not only to important business meetings. You can never predict at what time, and where you will meet your friend, so always be prepared.
Once associating with the man, try to learn from your conversation as many facts of his biography, even if this information is not for you personally no value. Remember these facts, and when your next meeting be sure to refer to some of them. For example, ask about the health of the cat, if the last time you became aware that the cat is sick. We have a feeling that you the important events of his life.
Be confident always and everywhere. Confident people attract the attention of others, make ourselves respected. Be so. Let others feel your energy.