One of the main properties to be met by the tile – exceptional reliability and durability. To maintain these characteristics at the proper level, take measures to create conditions for its storage immediately after manufacture (prior to application). Otherwise, products can have a negative impact of harmful factors, such as humidity or mechanical invalid load.
When storing the tiles dangerous for it represents the so-called biological corrosion. When laying tile products in storage provide protection from such harmful influences like mold. In most cases it is sufficient to use a sealed plastic packaging of the individual blocks, in which tile is laid.
Upon delivery of tiles to the consumer or during storage for the intermediate storage there is a risk of subjecting the product to mechanical damage. Therefore, when selecting a storage location make sure that the tile we exclude the impact of other massive products or accidental dropping of large objects in the warehouse.
Eliminate penetration of the product moisture and precipitation. In some cases, sources of unacceptable wet the tile is in contact with the soil (capillary leak). The moisture on the tile surface can lead to the development of harmful microflora. Use when storing a tile with a special wooden or plastic pallets to prevent contact with the ground.
Paving slab after fabrication and demoulding lay facing each other. Use before placing the tiles on storage special packaging (tape and metal staples). Sometimes it is not superfluous to use for long-term storage with stretch film. It is especially important to ensure proper storage conditions of paving slabs during the first three weeks after manufacture when the product is gaining in strength and are most susceptible to harmful influences of environment.
To create optimal conditions for the storage of tiles of different types and sizes of equip, dry indoor warehouse. In the room provide good ventilation. This is especially important for paving slabs and pavers that have a good Abdovitsa. For this purpose use intermediate wooden strip. In the absence of blowing the surface of the product becomes unsightly.