To become a copywriter, you need to have at least minimal skills in writing, possess good literacy and be able to quickly print. To develop your skills, you need experience, so do not throw begun just because you failed a couple of articles.
The Internet to find the most popular stock exchanges of copywriting and freelancing, register on them and start looking for orders. Over time, you will choose a few of the most convenient exchanges, and will work on them. While you aren't skilled enough, take orders for beginners: copywriter without experience and a portfolio are unlikely to trust major projects.
Be prepared for the fact that for the first time, you will not be able to do a lot of money. It is not only moral but also financial readiness: the novice useful stable material base. For example, you can combine work with a freelancer with a steady job in the state. So you will be able to earn extra income, gain experience without prejudice to the family budget, and also to protect yourself from finding a new permanent job, if copywriting is not for you.
Constantly hone your skills. Perhaps at first you will have very few orders – in this case you can write articles and sell them in stores content. So you can earn money, learn to write better, and to choose topics that are the most interesting.
When you select orders focus on those customers who are willing to help newcomers. They will pay little, but will give you invaluable experience, help to see and correct mistakes, to hone your skills.
Set yourself a daily rate and stick to it. This can be the number of characters or the amount you must earn per day. Unless you have regular customers, to better focus on the number of characters. Remember: for a copywriter is very important-discipline. If you are not able to control myself, to get to work, to monitor the implementation of standards, then this job is not for you.