Copywriting is an activity that lately has become very popular in the Internet. More and more people try their hand in this matter. Some get success, while others, unfortunately, get upset and leave. Why is this happening, and whether or not you can earn on copywriting?

In fact, before this activity was associated only with selling and advertising texts. It will be explained below. Now, in connection with the progress of Internet business, copywriting gained another so to speak additional in the direction of writing unique and original articles for Internet projects (content for websites).

For what you pay?

Internet business is gaining momentum and therefore, copywriting is valued above all else, because without content, no website. Content is the main factor for any project. Therefore a copywriter can earn money from the comfort of home, making this the most content for webmasters (customers).

What to do and where to start?

Everything comes with experience, so for them you need to go on the stock exchanges of copywriting, which is now in the Internet. By signing up, you can start to get the first money and experience. Just do not think that this is another “freebie”. You will not pay a penny if you don't work.

You can start with writing of rewrite texts, reworked in their own words, preserving the original meaning or idea. Such texts do not very difficult. How to be confident in your abilities, you may immediately proceed to the copyright text (“copywriting”).

Generally there is a lot of disagreement on this term, but generally such texts you may consider copywriting, if they are written based on your knowledge and experience. So pay no attention to those who would argue that copywriting is new and solely the author's text. Then perhaps copywriting might be able to do only dear scientists, make discoveries.

Most importantly practice! Learn more on a certain subject, it is better to not take a complex, in which you are familiar, and then open a WORD document and write an article from head.

Another great option would be to take the article to order. Here the main thing not to be afraid to take the initial stage is not complicated orders and adhere to deadlines. So choose what is best for you and get to work. Do better every work!

What price to put on my articles?

Until now, this question torments many and, it seems that it will be endless. So be it, because there is no “correct” or “accurate” prices. You can sell article cheap, the buyer is always to find it, but just as you always have buyer “for more”, which do not want to buy the cheap stuff and would prefer to buy it from you for 5-10 dollars, maybe more. For each product, a buyer, remember!

If you have something do not buy, never underestimate rates, write more and more to your store of articles had a lot of product. Put different prices for 1000 characters (Some more expensive, others cheaper).

The most reasonable solution to put the price for the article, how much would you buy it for yourself! This is really a good approach, but it is important to understand who is your customer?


The fact is that fast, just buy a cheap article, but buying their so-called “satelitte”, SEOs or dealers. As a rule, there is important quality or your signature style, only the uniqueness of the text. Earnings from such customers is small, so expensive to buy them unprofitable. That is why cheap articles are sold quickly, as on most exchanges. Dear customers much less, they are, but they usually work with constant copywriters.

Therefore, in order to get orders, you need to get to the top, working and working on yourself, becoming a sought-after professional. You have to understand yourself why a customer or buyer will have to buy the material from you, what is it he needs?

The most expensive article, this article commercial that advertise or sell a particular product/service. Here in this sphere the big money, all the Internet is just their advertising.”

Progress in copywriting

Improve knowledge of the Russian language and improve constantly. Write to sell and make orders, all this will only enhance your skills. Soon you will be working on advertising and marketing texts with the existing ones.

But we should not linger on the stock exchange (s) move on in the career of a copywriter and “move” to the sites of freelancing, where you will have more opportunities to find good customers or buyers, tell us about yourself as a specialist and earn even more.
The top copywriter it is your personal website (brand) with services, prices, portfolio, experience and perhaps even their own team of professionals.

How much can you earn on copywriting?

There are a lot of nuances, it all depends on your efforts, experience, speed, price, quality and luck. Someone earning $ 100-200 a month, someone thousands, while others nothing.
Everything is in your hands! Success is patience and hard work! Do not rush and do not chase the money and don't give up too quickly. First make yourself a name, and then it will work for you!