You will need
  • sartorial centimeter and a big mirror.
Remove all excess clothing. To get a more accurate result, it is desirable to leave the Breasts completely naked, so measurements preferably in a secluded place where nobody will interfere, and not to be confused by.
Stand in front of a large mirror. This is necessary in order to enable you to assess the correctness of application of a measuring tape. Otherwise, the results will be very far from the truth. However, experience shows that when measuring breast volume alone to make every inch of it the way you want, very difficult. It is therefore better to use the help of a mirror or ask someone to help you.
Attach the measuring tape to his chest. Metering must be done, focusing on the most convex point of the chest. Most often, it is the line of the nipples. You need to ensure that the cm was lying on his chest exactly, parallel to the floor.
Press the tape firmly, but do not tighten it too tight. It should tightly cover the body, but should not be discomfort.
Take a deep breath, then a long exhalation, thus freeing his lungs of air.
Hold your breath and note the readings of the measuring centimeters – this is your bust.
Spend another 2-3 measurements. You will notice that with each new measurement, the result will be slightly different from the previous indicators. Therefore, to judge the true volume of the breast should be only on the average results of several measurements.