• Vanilla–½;
  • Cream – 350 g;
  • Egg yolks – 8 PCs;
  • Sugar powder – 100 g;
  • Dark chocolate – 100 g;
  • Heavy cream – 400 g;
  • Walnuts – 75,


  1. Pour cream into a saucepan and put on quiet fire. The vanilla pod split in half with a knife. Add pod and vanilla seeds to the cream. If there is no vanilla in this form, then add to the cream diluted the vanilla. Bring the cream with vanilla to a boil. Continue to cook until the cream thickens. Don't forget to stir.
  2. Egg whip the egg yolks together with the icing sugar to form a light and fluffy mixture. Of the boiled cream to remove the seeds and the vanilla pods. A thin stream pour the cream into the sugar-egg mixture while continuously whisking. Pour the mixture into a fireproof bowl.
  3. Next, in a water bath carefully melt the dark chocolate. Warm up 100 g of thick cream and mix with the melted chocolate. Add remaining heavy cream and to prevent.
  4. Place the cookware with a blend of vanilla cream and eggs in a bowl of hot water (not boiling). Continuously whisk until you get a thick and lush mix. Gradually, while stirring add the melted chocolate. Get blank for ice cream.
  5. Grind walnuts. Half nuts add to prepared ice cream mix and stir.
  6. Put a bowl blank for ice cream in cold water and re-whip it until cool. Pour in a form or dish and put the mixture in the freezer. Occasionally you need to check and stir the mixture, wait until it freeze. To do this, to keep it in the freezer for about 4 hours.
  7. To get out of the freezer and put in a glass bowl and decorate with walnuts, which remained.