The first thing to do is to learn to keep his attitude under control. Psychologists proved that the more a man controls his attitude, the less risk of an emotional breakdown. Need to change your Outlook on the negative things that happen at certain points in time. Anyway, without failure life is impossible. But somehow, some overcome it easily, while others at the slightest deviation from the plans fall into depression.

The case in relation to the situation, because the more successful people don't dwell on the negative moment of his attention, and live in the present. If a negative situation had happened, you need to replace negative thoughts with a key on positive. Can help in such situations and meditative practices. For example, it is possible to imagine a positive situation, preferably one in which the man fell recently and the emotions are still preserved. You must remember to the smallest detail your positive emotions and try to enter that state of bliss again. This technique in psychology is called the technique of positive visualization. Because the thought is material and concentrating on a positive note, you can turn away the negative thoughts into the background, then the situation will seem not so catastrophic.

If stressful situations arise too often, is to think about the changes in life. Probably needed a change of scenery or image, or simply to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Because of the modern pace of life is very often a person has no time to pay attention to yourself. You can go for a massage or to visit interesting places, and you can just spend one day in the peace and quiet alone. So you can handle all the mental chaos and to reconsider some views on the seemingly complicated things. You can change the diet to a more balanced and exercise.

Ways to get rid of stress is a huge number, but remember that to start training, we should not change the situation and change yourself and your thinking.