In the room where you will treat the child should be a favorable atmosphere. Only in this case, traditional recipes will work. In winter, the air in the room should not be too dry. Hang on the battery wet clothes, put on chest small aquarium, raspryskivanii water from a spray bottle, or purchase a system for humidifying the air. If you achieve the perfect humidity indicator, your little one will forget about this issue, as the cough.

Effective massages that can cure cough

Massage after waking up. Put the child on the bed and sit beside him. He can sleep on his stomach, leaning on his elbows. His head thus rests on the bed. Ass is slightly above the head. Hand cupped, gently knock on the back child support. Phlegm, which managed to accumulate in the night going out from the lungs of the baby. After this massage, the child will be much easier to inhale and exhale.

Massage before bedtime. Get rid of evening cough will also help the massage. Gently melt honey and brush over the back of the child while lying on her tummy. Honey sprinkle of salt. Gently back to the child. You should do this until the salt is dissolved in honey. Do not worry if the honey will be white, as it should be. Your hands will be sticky, so it would be difficult to remove from the back of the child. The massage should be done in 5 minutes. Then get rid of the honey, wiping back with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. Dry the baby and put him to bed, not forgetting to wrap up in a blanket.