Kakadu is not just beautiful, they are very beautiful. From other parrots, they are distinguished by almost complete absence of green color in the coloring and the presence of elongated feathers on the forehead. Their feathers are yellow, pink, black or white. Females are slightly smaller than their males.

The cockatoo has a large hooked beak. He is very strong and can break even the wooden partition.

Cockatoos fly poorly. They move, jumping from branch to branch. Also they are very easy to walk the earth.

Cockatoos are very attached to their pack. If a bird gets into bondage and has no partner, her attention fully transferred to the owner, who care for him. If the bird feels from human love and care, and she begins to relate to him. Cockatoo can't stand the loneliness. There are instances when being long without his master, the birds were hurt or even killed.

Cage size for a cockatoo should not be less than one meter. Well, if possible. And if it is the enclosure – then the dimensions shall be: two meter in width, two in height 6 in length.

Must be a big container with water, cockatoos love to take a bath. It is also good to make for him a place to sleep. It should be slightly covered to calm the birds.

Cage cockatoo requires careful maintenance. Her constant need to clean and disinfect. Water also need to be changed frequently.

A cockatoo eats a mix of grains: millet, sunflowers, oats and nuts. They can also boil eggs or potatoes.

Parrots cockatoos love the light of the sun. They just vital. Under the light of the sun they have better is the circulation. In the warm season should be brought cockatoo to light. But overheat does not need to.

Cockatoos are very expensive. In every sense of the word. Their price is pretty impressive. Not everyone afford.

Cockatoos are long-lived. According to statistics, in the home they live 30-40 years. Although there are some individuals who live longer.

Buying a cockatoo, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the parrot will have to pay a lot of attention. And caring for such a large bird takes time and requires effort. Therefore, not every person is suitable for such a pet. For busy people it is better to think about the bird smaller.