The most famous berry in the fight against colds and seasonal diseases, however, the use of raspberry undeniable and from other points of view.

Raspberry contains a lot of vitamin C. raspberries Also contain a substance that is a natural aspirin. So grandma, knowing this property of the berries, were given tea with raspberries during a cold. Raspberry helps to lower the temperature, reduce headaches, remove toxins.

For therapeutic purposes, using as the leaves and branches of a raspberry. With their help, prepared a beautiful healing potion. The essential oils contained in raspberries, increase the appetite, and the fiber has a positive effect on the intestine and the overall system of the digestive system. This berry is also an excellent natural remedy for problems with a chair.

Pectin contained in the berries will help flush harmful toxins and substances from the body. Pectins after the heat treatment are not destroyed. Freshly picked raspberries will help fight unwanted inches and pounds and speed up overall metabolism. Despite the sweetness of raspberries, it has a very low glycemic index and, besides, this fruit is low in calories.

Due to the special chemical composition of raspberry will help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, so if a person has heart problems, is instead of drugs to give a few raspberries. In addition, this miracle berry helps with atherosclerosis. The raspberry is a natural antidepressant. In stressful situations, drink raspberry. Also it is better to replace sugar with raspberries in season berries.

And in cosmetology raspberries used for skin hydration. But despite the usefulness, raspberry has a number of contraindications to the use. So, this berry is removed from the diet for people suffering from diabetes, allergies, gout, urolithiasis, gastritis.

Pregnant women teas based on raspberry extremely undesirable to eat. Due to the chemical composition of raspberries can cause unwanted uterine contractions. In ancient times the infusion of raspberry used, when they wanted to induce labor. Also, do not give the raspberries to little kids. At an early age the child is not so strongly developed system of the digestive system, but because of the chemical composition of raspberries can cause the baby diarrhea.